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3 Real Estate Farming Ideas to Try Today

August 28, 2023|

A powerful tool to add to your existing lead generation efforts is real estate farming. Real estate farming is a term to describe the efforts of a particular agent establishing themselves in a specific geographic or demographic area and building, [...]

3 Ways to Power Your Real Estate Auto Dialer

May 28, 2023|

A real estate auto dialer is a type of software that real estate agents use to automatically place phone calls to numbers from a select list. Once someone picks up the call, the auto dialer then connects that person [...]

5 Tips to Finding More Real Estate Buyer Leads

April 28, 2023|

Generating leads is a critical skill for agents wanting to maximize success in the real estate industry. And while many real estate agents might prefer to work with sellers since they are less time-consuming (no traipsing around town from showing [...]

Real Estate Farming 101: Everything You Need to Know

March 28, 2023|

Farming is all about cultivation. Whether growing plants or raising animals, farmers must acquire, nurture and protect the living things in their care. In real estate, it’s much the same, except instead of lettuce and lambs, real estate farming is [...]

What is Skip Tracing in Real Estate?

February 28, 2023|

https://youtu.be/6a_5wrXMVVI “Skip tracing” is a term that refers to the search for a person of interest using databases, records and interviews. Many industries make use of skip tracing techniques, from debt collectors and private investigators to law enforcement officers [...]

How New Agents Can Generate Leads

February 14, 2023|

According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), “there are [currently] over three million active real estate licensees in the United States.” And that number is only rising, with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic still causing [...]

Why Realtors Need to Get Back to Basics

January 28, 2023|

The dawn of social media and a digital culture often makes us forget our roots when it comes to being an effective realtor. Real estate agents are up against a challenging housing market, so including other marketing strategies is key [...]

4 Best Practices for Finding Auto Insurance Leads

October 28, 2022|

Insurance is all about numbers, right? Yes, but it’s also about relationships, especially for consumers. While agents rely on establishing as many leads as possible, consumers really focus on “who they know.” The agents that come to mind — the [...]

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