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Generating leads is a critical skill for agents wanting to maximize success in the real estate industry. And while many real estate agents might prefer to work with sellers since they are less time-consuming (no traipsing around town from showing to showing, for example), most know that finding real estate buyer leads is a great way to build a qualified client base and hone their real estate skills. Take a look at these five tips for uncovering actionable real estate buyer leads:


Yes, it’s obvious, but agents need to hit the streets if they want reliable real estate buyer leads. The more people you know and with whom you regularly communicate, the better the chances are that someone will remember you when it’s time to buy (or sell). Go to local events and hand out business cards. Arrange to talk at a civic club’s meeting. Volunteer in the community. Establish a noticeable presence in your town so that you become “the face” for area real estate needs.

Build Your Farm

Laying a foundation within a specific community is called “cultivating your geographic farm.” It’s one of the best ways to find real estate buyer leads because having a farm validates your authority as the local “expert” in all things real estate and prompts members of the local market to trust you when it comes time to buy or sell a property. More trust equals more clients.

Pay for Advertising

You can pay for ads and marketing materials that detail your services, as well. Targeted real estate ads allow you to focus your business on a certain population and/or geographic area. They can be a great way for agents to attract qualified leads since they highlight services in which a known group of people would be interested (statistically speaking). 

Further, using a platform like Criss+Cross can help you generate a substantial amount of reliable data to support your marketing efforts. You can generate a list of emails and phone numbers to plug into services like Facebook Ads or Google Ads so that you can feel confident you’re reaching the right audience. Our data is great to fuel your email marketing, mailers and more!

Create Content

Nowadays, it’s paramount for agents to offer the public creative content. Buyers want meaningful information. To garner real estate buyer leads, agents have to manage a relevant website and create a social media presence that together provide beneficial news, instruction, advice or other types of materials. Distribute postcards with area comps. Tweet local school boards news. Introduce new area restaurants. Keep the people in your geographic farm up-to-date on the latest happenings in the area so that they associate your name with value and not pleas for business.

Partner with a Trusted Prospecting Service

Of course, you can always skip some of the aforementioned gruntwork and go directly to a reliable source that can help you identify real estate buyer leads much more easily and a lot more quickly. Our proprietary lead generation software here at Haines allows our clients to develop a list of qualified leads using specific — targeted — search parameters, ensuring they have actionable data and not just a list of random names and numbers.

Learn More Now

To learn more about using lead generation software to identify the real estate buyer leads with the most potential to actually deliver a return on the investment of your time, effort and money, please contact our team at Haines. We’re happy to give you a free demo of our products or help you generate a qualified lead list.

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