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If you’re looking to grow your real estate or home services business, finding absentee owners can serve as a helpful solution. Acquiring absentee owners as customers can be advantageous for a business for several reasons. In real estate, they could be more open to selling a property that they don’t get much value from. In home services, they’re likely willing to pay more for necessary services and get these services completed so they can enjoy their property fully when they visit. Today, we will explore absentee ownership and its potential benefits, in addition to sharing some strategies for reaching out to those owners to acquire new customers. Keep reading to learn more about this unique option for expanding your customer base!

What is an Absentee Owner?

An absentee owner is an individual who owns a property but does not permanently live there, also known as an investor. Examples of these properties could include rental homes, vacation homes, or any other type of real estate owned by someone who does not reside there year-round. Absentee owners are not present around the clock to keep up with maintenance on their property and often require outside help to do so. All of this provides you with the opportunity to assist these owners and target new customers. 

How Can Absentee Owners Grow Your Business?

Absentee owners can prove beneficial for business growth for both service providers and real estate industry professionals. Absentee owners of any property tend to have limited time and resources to maintain their property, especially if they live out of state. These individuals are willing to pay for services such as cleaning, construction, HVAC, repairs, etc. In addition, absentee owners are more likely to be interested in acquiring additional properties or even selling their current properties if they aren’t getting the expected value out of it. It never hurts to explore if there is a better opportunity to make more money!

Tips for Reaching Out to Absentee Owners

Reaching out to absentee owners can be difficult, but several strategies can be used effectively to acquire these customers. First, you should identify potential properties in a given area that are likely owned by an absentee owner through public records, online research, cold-calling, neighborhood canvassing, or even word of mouth. You can then reach out to these owners via email or social media campaigns to introduce your services and begin to foster a relationship. 

Find Absentee Owners With Haines

Reaching out to absentee owners can help you to acquire new customers and drive business growth. Haines makes it easy to search for information about absentee owners, sort through public records and conduct online research to identify potential absentee owners in a given area. Haines makes reaching these individuals easier than ever, both in-state or out-of-state. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and how we can help you grow your business.

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