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A Guide to Bank Owned Properties in Georgia

November 28, 2023|

Looking to grow your Georgia real estate business? Finding bank owned properties can be an “outside-of-the-box” strategy to consider when more traditional methods, like scouring the MLS, aren’t working out. Today, we will be talking about the benefits of finding [...]

Housing Market Slow? How to Target Off Market Properties

November 16, 2023|

Struggling to deal with the slow housing market? For real estate agents, the secret to success could be finding off-market properties for your clientele. What Are Off Market Properties? Off market properties are exactly what their name suggests; properties that [...]

How to Find Bank Owned Properties in Texas

October 27, 2023|

Finding bank owned properties in Texas can be highly beneficial if you’re looking to grow your real estate business, for numerous reasons. In today’s blog, we will be exploring bank owned properties and the benefits they offer for real estate [...]

Why Buy Bank Owned Properties in PA?

October 13, 2023|

Are you a real estate agent or home services professional looking to expand your business in Pennsylvania? If so, investing in bank owned properties in PA might be a good idea. As their name suggests, bank owned properties in PA [...]

How to Find More Plumbing Leads

September 28, 2023|

New to the plumbing industry or looking to grow your business? Reaching customers to help your business grow can be challenging, but finding new leads can be simple when you follow the right steps. In today’s blog, we will be [...]

Find Home Insurance Leads in California

September 1, 2023|

As natural disasters such as wildfires continue to put homes at risk throughout California, many of the nation’s top insurance providers are dropping coverage within the state. Most recently, State Farm has announced they no longer offer home insurance coverage [...]

3 Real Estate Farming Ideas to Try Today

August 28, 2023|

A powerful tool to add to your existing lead generation efforts is real estate farming. Real estate farming is a term to describe the efforts of a particular agent establishing themselves in a specific geographic or demographic area and building, [...]

3 Ways to Power Your Real Estate Auto Dialer

May 28, 2023|

A real estate auto dialer is a type of software that real estate agents use to automatically place phone calls to numbers from a select list. Once someone picks up the call, the auto dialer then connects that person [...]

5 Tips to Finding More Real Estate Buyer Leads

April 28, 2023|

Generating leads is a critical skill for agents wanting to maximize success in the real estate industry. And while many real estate agents might prefer to work with sellers since they are less time-consuming (no traipsing around town from showing [...]

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