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A real estate auto dialer is a type of software that real estate agents use to automatically place phone calls to numbers from a select list. Once someone picks up the call, the auto dialer then connects that person to an agent or plays a pre-recorded message in order to positively impact the agent’s business. When dialing numbers manually, most agents are usually only able to call approximately 30 numbers an hour. A good real estate auto dialer, however, can help agents triple that number, making real estate auto dialers a worthwhile investment — if you pick the right one! Here’s what you need to know:

Types of Real Estate Auto Dialers

There three basic types of real estate auto dialers:

  • Power (or Progressive) Dialers — Power dialers move directly down a list, calling one number after another. While they do not allow agents to skip the next call once the previous one ends, they do have the ability to skip busy numbers and unanswered calls, as well as leave a message if a number is answered by a machine. This type of real estate auto dialer is appropriate for agents wanting to reach a lot of people quickly with little variation to the prepared message.
  • Preview Dialers — Preview dialers allow agents to pick the numbers they want dialed, thus enabling them to skip numbers for individuals not meeting certain criteria. They are especially helpful in situations where agents want to customize their conversation according to the customer being called since they permit additional time for research and contemplation between calls.
  • Predictive Dialers — Predictive dialers use advanced algorithms to anticipate when a call will end so that they can begin dialing the next number on the list even before the last call is finished. Although not effective for agents wanting to have in-depth conversations with potential clients, predictive dialers do enable agents to truly fast-track their calling initiatives.

How to Power Real Estate Auto Dialers 

All auto dialers, real estate auto dialers included, require a list of numbers to call in order to work. In this way, the list “powers” the auto dialer, providing it with the information it needs to place calls for the agent. The better — read: “more reliable” — the data on the list, the more likely an agent is to have a meaningful conversation/successful call. Some of the different ways to power a real estate auto dialer include:

  • A Custom List from a Trusted Lead Generation Partner — Of course, the best way to power your real estate auto dialer is to partner with a trusted lead generation provider. Our team here at Haines, for example, can provide a customized list of contacts for a client according to 300 searchable data points. Our software also allows you to generate these customized lists for yourself. This means our clients have access to data that exactly matches the criteria they set, making it much more likely that the calls they eventually place generate productive results!
  • An Existing Contact List from a Communications Provider — Using the details for contacts compiled by your telephone or email provider is a great way to initially test the benefits of a real estate auto dialer for your own business needs. Instead of spending a lot of time manually entering contact data into an auto dialer system, you can simply sync an existing contact list with the auto dialer and immediately try it out, testing its potential value before deciding whether or not to invest in a more permanent real estate auto dialer solution. This list won’t be as customizable or specific as other options, but can be a good start to get used to your autodialer.
  • A CRM System — For powering a real estate auto dialer, you can also rely on data pulled from a Customer Record Management (CRM) system. Because your CRM system is necessarily specific to your own company and business, it will have more up-to-date information than a generic communications contact list.

Want to Learn More?

The quality of the data used by a real estate auto dialer directly impacts an agent’s chance for success. To learn more about creating a custom list of contact information to increase the benefits of a real estate auto dialer, please contact our data experts at Haines. If you’re interested in generating lists for yourself whenever you please, book a demo with our team and we’ll walk you through our products to find the right one for you:


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