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As natural disasters such as wildfires continue to put homes at risk throughout California, many of the nation’s top insurance providers are dropping coverage within the state. Most recently, State Farm has announced they no longer offer home insurance coverage in California, leaving thousands of residents searching for new insurance providers. Haines helps you reach the right people and start the conversation.

State Farm Coverage in California

While State Farm is still offering insurance to existing clients throughout California, the company recently announced that it will no longer sell new home insurance policies. Previously serving as California’s largest single provider of bundle home insurance policies, State Farm’s decision leaves thousands of residents needing a home insurance provider after wildfires have left them needing emergency repairs.

State Farm might be the newest insurance provider to announce that they are no longer offering coverage in the state of California, but it will not be the last. Since the devastating wildfires that compromised the homes and lives of tens of thousands of individuals, there was a 42% increase in the number of Californians who were told by their insurers that their existing policy would not be renewed moving forward. 

Find Home Insurance Leads in California 

As numerous residents around California seek new insurance policies to replace the coverage lost due to State Farm’s recent decision, Haines has the tools needed to make finding home insurance leads in California easier than ever before. Our innovative lead generation software has been trusted by insurance brokers, real estate agents, and government agencies for over 90 years and makes it simple for professionals in various industries to find qualified leads. 

Haines Property Connect is an online property database that gives home insurance agents the up-to-date property and homeowner information they need to find qualified insurance leads and build their list of contacts and associates. This helpful tool allows real estate agents to conduct detailed searches within specific targeted areas and find leads based on the date of recently expired home insurance policies. For agents within California, this is a great tool to target those impacted by State Farm’s recent decision to drop coverage and reach homeowners throughout the state who are currently seeking a new insurance provider.

As insurance agencies in California face challenges, many opportunities arise as thousands of residents are left without coverage from major agencies like State Farm and are currently seeking alternatives. Using Haines’ innovative lead generation software can help you easily find and reach these individuals!

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