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Are you a real estate agent or home services professional looking to expand your business in Pennsylvania? If so, investing in bank owned properties in PA might be a good idea. As their name suggests, bank owned properties in PA are homes that have been repossessed after foreclosure and are currently owned by the bank after failing to sell at auction. So, why should you buy a bank owned property in PA? Keep reading as we discuss some of the advantages of buying bank owned homes and how you can successfully find these properties to grow your real estate business.

Work Directly With a Bank

When you buy bank owned properties in PA, you will not have to worry about doing business with any existing homeowners, as you will be dealing directly with the bank who currently owns the property. This makes negotiating on closing costs easy.

No Outstanding Taxes

Most bank owned properties will waive outstanding property taxes and other costs, making it unlikely that a property will have any unsettled payments or liens due. However in due diligence, you should still do a title search just to be safe.

Below Market Prices

One of the biggest advantages of buying a bank owned property is that most homes owned by a bank are sold below market value. While it is important to remember that many bank owned properties could require extensive repairs or renovations which can raise the overall cost of buying a particular home, buying a home that is owned by a bank is often one of the least expensive ways to acquire a property. If you have clientele or a personal interest in flipping properties, this is an excellent route to make a good return on your investment.

How to Find Bank Owned Properties PA

When searching for bank owned properties in Pennsylvania, you could start within your network and ask around to see if any of your peers or colleagues know of any bank owned properties in your area. Additionally, you could contact your local bank directly to inquire about any properties they own. However, both of these methods can be very time consuming and may not yield enough information before you can make a buying decision.

Thanks to Haines Property Connect, gaining access to extensive property data and finding bank owned homes in Pennsylvania has never been easier. Set your filters accordingly in our platform along with your map search by polygon, radius or freehand. Then you’ll produce a list of bank owned properties with detailed property data.

We know there are many advantages to buying a bank owned property, from lower costs to a simplified buying process, making it one of the best strategies for real estate investors looking to grow their business. So if you want the easiest way to access & filter an extensive, user-friendly database of bank owned properties in PA, get started with Haines Property Connect today!

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