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New to the plumbing industry or looking to grow your business? Reaching customers to help your business grow can be challenging, but finding new leads can be simple when you follow the right steps. In today’s blog, we will be discussing how to find more plumbing leads.

1. Encourage Referrals From Previous Customers

One of the best ways for contractors to grow their business is with word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations from previous satisfied customers. To improve your referral process and ensure that customers will spread the word about your services, you can leave behind a business card or printed flier when you finish a job. Additionally, you can send a thank you email or printed card thanking a customer for their business and include your contact information, should they need additional work done or want to spread the word about your services to someone else. Lastly, you can request written reviews or testimonials from previous customers to share on your website or social media pages to appeal to potential new customers.

One unique way to use these reviews to your advantage is by geotargeting your marketing accordingly. Let’s say you get a glowing review and you have before & after photos of the job with permission to share them. Using tools provided by Haines, you can retrieve contact information for other homes that fit your services near that recent job. Then you’ll be able to utilize photos, the reviewer’s name, or recent job locations in mailers, emails, digital advertising, or cold calls. In doing this, you’ll find that other potential customers should pay closer attention to these marketing efforts because they contain a recognizable name, image, or location close to home.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media

These days, social media is the best way for businesses to advertise their services to a wider audience of potential customers than ever before. Social media can be one of the most effective tools for determining how to find more plumbing leads when used correctly. On your social media pages, you should focus on providing educational content in addition to advertising your specific services. This can include videos or blog posts explaining plumbing basics, as well as employee spotlights or more information about the members of your team who work hard to make your business successful. Social media is a great place to connect with potential customers while showcasing your work and sharing insights into your business and the individuals behind it. 

3. Use a Lead Generation Platform 

In addition to relying on word-of-mouth referrals from previous customers and creating a social media presence for your business, one of the best ways to find more plumbing leads is by utilizing a lead generation platform like Haines. Our lead generation software is one of the simplest ways to reach a wide or specific demographic of potential customers within a designated area and start a conversation about your services. 

There are numerous lead generation platforms on the market for those looking to find more plumbing leads, but only Haines has been trusted by plumbers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, home improvement contractors, and other professionals for over 90 years. Our software can help you find more leads and increase the size of your business by taking advantage of extensive and exclusive data, empowering you to make informed decisions and target potential customers. Some of this data includes access to absentee owner information (great for reaching commercial property owners), year built, email address, and phone numbers, to name a few.

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