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The right audience is the key to profitability. Target the wrong people and neither your marketing nor your products will generate interest or draw appeal. Direct your messaging and sales efforts toward the people actually in search of your services, however, and you greatly improve your chance for success! Take a look at the lead generation software we offer here at Haines and learn why our newest offering — custom lists — makes us perfectly poised to help you start a conversation with the prospects your business needs:

What is a Lead List?

The lead generation software that we provide here at Haines is the ideal prospecting tool; it allows businesses to identify individuals and/or real estate opportunities according to precise homeowner, property and investor data. Choose certain features from a list of predetermined filters, run a report and a list of the people or properties matching those characteristics appears. The more filters selected, the more specific the resulting list. Indeed, our Haines Criss+Cross™ database has 300 searchable data points, and our Property Connect database is similarly exhaustive, making it very easy for our clients to narrow their list of possible leads according to highly-detailed criteria.

What is a Custom List from Haines?

A custom list from Haines merges the precision of a comprehensive database with our expertise that extends over 90 years! Simply give us the details regarding the list you’re looking to generate, and we’ll do all the work for you. No need to figure out programs or run reports yourself; with our help, you skip tedious prep work and are able to fill your CRM or auto-dialer in less time and with less hassle. The result: you are able to focus your energy — not on identifying prospects — but on making the sale!

The Sky’s the Limit with a Haines Custom List

Only you know the characteristics of your perfect customer(s), but our Haines databases, along with the custom services we offer for filtering the lists our software creates, can help you identify qualified prospects much more efficiently than on your own. Whether working in real estate, insurance, home improvement, or the government, our software, especially when coupled with our expertise, enable you to build your business and grow your farm. With our services, you’re guaranteed to win more bids; write more loans; and, put plainly, grab the attention of the right type of prospects. Please contact our Haines team to learn more about the benefits of using our custom list services!

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