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Finding the best real estate lead sources is everything in real estate. They’re the key to your future sales, future prospects, and the longevity of your career. You’ve gone through leads lists and spreadsheets, trying to find anything that might translate into a good sale. But have you dug deep enough?

There are some offbeat ideas that you probably haven’t tried yet. And not exploring them may be setting your business back. Here are some of the best real estate lead sources you might be overlooking.

1. Housewarming Parties

Once a homeowner has their new keys in-hand, it feels natural to fade into the background and let them get settled. But if your homebuyer is well connected, supported by a large number of friends and family, or thrives in large groups of people, it would be a mistake to let them go so soon.

Offer to throw a small housewarming party, about one month after your homeowner’s closing date. This will help them meet their new neighbors, and show off their house to friends and family. It’ll also give you a chance to mingle with a wide range of potential leads you might never have been able to find on your own. It’s an amazing opportunity that can get you priceless information for the cost of food and drinks.

2. Local Mixers for Working Professionals

Right now hundreds of people know someone who is looking for a home. They’re the counselor who is helping a young woman move out of a difficult family environment. The attorney who is helping a new transplant look for stable housing as part of a legal agreement. The personal banker who pre-approves families for mortgages every day.

The best way to learn about these hidden homebuyers is by joining networking groups for local professionals. Joining one of these groups gets you in touch with a wide range of potential homeowners, while giving you word of mouth info about who’s looking. By attending regular mixers, sponsoring events, or just being the person who welcomes newcomers, you can find great leads in surprising places.


3. Divorce Lawyers and Civil Law Professionals

Can you handle tricky clients in unusual situations? Is it easy for you to talk to people in the justice system? Then you might want to start building relationships with the divorce lawyers and family law practices in your area.

While family law professionals are good about connecting people to the resources they need, experts say it’s rare for them to have contacts in real estate. Yet divorce and civil proceedings often create the need to sell a family home, find a new residence unexpectedly, or downsize to provide a stable home for minor children.

If you’re able to deal with tricky situations, and balance compassion with good business sense, this untapped market could be perfect for you.

4. Expireds and FSBOs

There’s a certain appeal to doing things on your own. That’s why so many people try to sell their house on their own — or go with another real estate professional’s services. But doing this leaves many homeowners struggling to finalize a sale, even after being on the market for weeks or months.

Even if you’ve contacted the Expireds and FSBOs in your area once before, it doesn’t hurt to follow up. Let them know you’re still interested in helping them, and you’d be happy to answer any questions they have. You’d be surprised how many people will be interested in getting a second opinion.

5. Renters in Upscale Neighborhoods

Right now there are renters who have the savings and the salaries to become homeowners. But they’re struggling. They’re not sure if they should take housing bubble rumors seriously. They aren’t sure how to get pre-approved for their first mortgage. So even if they don’t know it yet, they need your help.

Targeting renters in upscale neighborhoods as potential first time home buyers is another untapped lead source. V4i software can help you identify these hidden homebuyers. Its non-owner occupied property search finds families who are renting houses in affluent areas. It’s a great way to identify people who have the means to get a place of their own, but who just need a little help.

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