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Direct mail advertising is an old-school marketing tactic that can still produce meaningful results for growing companies –– under the right circumstances. In order to create a successful direct mail campaign, professionals must understand both direct mail advertising and their target audience. As such, today we’re going to take a closer look at direct mail marketing and advertising, explain the basics, explore a few nuances, and, ultimately, share some key tips that will help your organization optimize direct mail campaigns. Check it out here:

Direct Mail Marketing: Benefits 

There are many benefits associated with direct mail marketing. Direct mail marketing is a fantastic way for professionals to connect with high-quality leads. It increases credibility and brand awareness for growing organizations. And it is less competitive than email marketing. (For a more in-depth look at the advantages of direct mail marketing, check out our blog here.)

Direct Mail Marketing: Challenges

Direct mail marketing can have a very powerful reach. Consider that 77% of consumers sort through their mail each day. Yet, direct mail marketing cannot reach every consumer on a company’s list. While the USPS is very efficient in many ways, it still marks around 5% of mail as undeliverable as addressed on an annual basis. This is due to several factors. For one, the average person in the US will move around 11 times in their life. That number is likely even higher for millennials, who were found to move once every two years, according to a recent study. This means that a small but significant amount of direct mail marketing will go undelivered or returned because of an incorrect name on an address. What’s more, several organizations like DMAchoice help individuals opt out of direct mail campaigns. The upshot of all of this is that most companies can expect a portion of their direct mail marketing will never reach the consumer. In our experience, anything over 90% delivery rate is very good.

Tips to Optimize Direct Mail Advertising

Professionals can most effectively improve their direct mail campaigns by focusing on two issues: ensuring the mail gets delivered to the right person, and enhancing the quality of the advertising content itself.

Tips to Enhance Direct Mail Targeting & Accuracy

  • Curate and update your marketing list regularly. Find and focus on qualified leads and promising areas.
  • Test your market. Before launching a full-scale campaign, test different areas for effectiveness. Note, places like apartment complexes and trailer parks can be particularly difficult because of the high residential turnover in those locations.
  • Add the line, “or current resident” to all marketing mail to increase delivery rate.
  • Track your efforts with mail-specific phone numbers, coupon codes, landing pages, or email addresses.

Tips to Enhance Direct Mail Content & Response

  • Proofread all content thoroughly before sending and eliminate all design flaws.
  • Include a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that provides clear instructions for interested consumers.
  • Follow up with consumers who contact your organization as a result of direct mail.
  • Get creative. Direct mail marketing provides marketers with a blank canvas to boost their brand and connect with potential customers. Use it to the fullest extent possible!

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