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A good real estate agent knows that good deals aren’t merely the result of good contracts or sophisticated negotiations; in actuality, they are the product of good leads. Indeed, real estate is the quintessential numbers game, with those agents who know more people being those who close more deals. Take a look at our advice on how to generate real estate leads in 2022:

Start Close

Whether a seasoned pro or just starting out, you should always have a circle of family and friends from which you can draw support and ask for referrals. It’s much more likely that the people close to you will want to work with you rather than a stranger should a real estate need arise. Keep your personal contacts updated with news of your work so that you always remain top-of-mind as a possible solution for their own needs or the needs of their acquaintances. Friends of friends are the best type of new client!

Develop an Online Presence 

Build a website. Join social media. A quality website and obvious online presence not only label you an “expert” in real estate — lending you credibility — they provide potential clients with easy access to your services. Think about creating profiles on such sites as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and make sure that your corporate website/page is user-friendly. In this way, people will be able to find you when they need you.

Create Good Content

Of course, you can’t just put your name out there on the Internet (or anywhere else), you have to create meaningful content to go along with it. When working on your digital presence, in particular, content is especially beneficial: it has been shown to generate three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs more than 60% less! Thus, consider adding blog posts to your website about relocation and moving; real estate financing; design and construction; or any other topic that you feel potential clients might like — and need — to read. Offer advice on your social media platforms and/or present a podcast. Good content keeps your audience engaged with you and your business. But don’t forget to add relevant content to your outbound marketing materials, as well. Online marketing might be more efficient, but mailings, magazine ads and other traditional print, radio and live event materials can be quite effective when created intentionally. For instance, instead of sending out a postcard with only your picture and contact information, add in something of value that captures attention and inspires people to remember your name. Some examples include a summary of neighborhood statistics; a recipe to enjoy; a magnet; or a review of area comps. You could also volunteer to host a free presentation or workshop on a real-estate topic in order to draw people in and (subtly) market your services.

Use Available Resources

You can try to “go it alone” when learning how to generate real estate leads, but we here at Haines believe collaboration is an essential part of best business practice. Look around for partners that can help you develop new leads, such as past clients; financial advisors, bankers, and lenders; divorce attorneys; builders; landscaping companies; and decorators (to name but a few). Learn about search engine optimization and how to drive traffic to your online posts. Make use of free websites that advertise FSBO and FRBO listings. 

You can even work with lead generation software to further maximize your efforts. Both our Haines Criss + Cross and Property Connect databases offer access to a qualified list of potential customers with just a few strokes of a keyboard. Our software enables real estate agents to generate real estate leads and fill their CRM or autodialer in less time and with more precision than intuition or luck, improving the chances the money you spend trying to get new leads actually results in a positive ROI!

Partner With Haines 

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