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If you’re into HVAC, and are looking for tips to get ahead of your competition, these six tips will help you dominate. The fascinating part about selling HVAC is that you’re offering a product that hardly anybody disputes needing.

So, you can skip past nearly everything related to convincing the buyer that they need HVAC. At the same time, this is where the greatest challenge lies.

What will set you apart and help your business prosper is directly related to your ability to secure an advantage over your local competition.

These six tools are your go-to tactics that will help you become the most prominent and successful HVAC provider in your local area.

1. A Modern Website

A digital presence is rapidly leaving the realm of optional and taking root in the category of necessity.

You need a website…period. It also needs to be technologically-current, mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized.

2. A Lead Magnet

You don’t go fishing without bait and, in the same sense, you’ll fare far better in the process of lead generation if you have something of value to offer your potential customers.

Become an online dealer. You can trade them short eBooks, guides, and checklists that inform them of topics relating to HVAC, for an exchange of their contact information.

Other smart ideas are first-time buyer coupons or entries into a contest, perhaps to win a free iPad.

3. Direct Mail Mastery

Sending the right message at the right time is the name of the game when it comes to direct mail.

Start by segmenting your list into categories such as time until intended sale. If you know that your existing customers need their systems serviced in the Spring, send out a postcard in mid-January reminding them of the suggested servicing.

This gives them time to prepare mentally and financially for their upcoming investment.

Important Note: Make sure your direct mail efforts continue year-round. That way when it’s time to make a buying decision, you’re brand is top-of-mind.

4. Local Search Domination

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a stealth investment that can pay huge dividends in a market where few of your competition are maximizing their search engine exposure.

Another way to get to the top of Google is to experiment with PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns which allow you to bid specific keywords and only pay when somebody clicks your ad link.

For example, Google “Air Conditioning Palm Springs”

There are four companies offering service, showing in the paid ad section at the very top of Google.

If you were a customer, would you need to search any further for a phone number or quote. Probably not. You would most likely choose one of the four companies.

A PPC may be $10-$15, but if every one out of 5 (or even better) turn into a job, it’s worth it.

5. A Powerful List

Another excellent secret weapon in the HVAC sales and marketing toolkit is the local list.

You’ll benefit from securing any kind of local and segmented list that you can find.

Perhaps find one that targets homes that are more than 15 years old or ones that have a specific type of heating technology equipped. Once you’ve secured a targeted, local list, you’ll be prepared to speak more directly to your prospects.


You’ll be able to tailor your messaging around the exact needs and pain points your customers are currently dealing with.

A homeowner who wants to purchase an HVAC system or have their existing system serviced will prefer a quality partner they can trust.

6. Be Different

Aside from providing an excellent service to your customer, one of the best ways to develop strong brand loyalty is to create a regular and impactful differentiation between your services and those of your competition.

I remember as a kid, a plumber came to my house to “snake” our drain. When he came, he gave me a tiny, rubber snake that I thought was the coolest thing. So for 25 cents, he had brand recognition that’s lasted 20 years now.

Best of luck!


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