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The dawn of social media and a digital culture often makes us forget our roots when it comes to being an effective realtor. Real estate agents are up against a challenging housing market, so including other marketing strategies is key to their success. This is why realtors need to get back to basics.

What are the Basics? 

  • Face-to-face appointments with clients
  • Communication with current and past clients
  • Adequate and reliable contact databases
  • Multiple marketing strategies

Advantage over Competition 

Realtors, as a profession, continue to be on the rise as we enter 2023. It’s more important than ever to make sure you’re staying on top of your real estate game. What’s your edge to set you apart from your competition? Here is one idea, ensure you have a solid vendor list to help your clients every need. These are vendors that you have worked with and vetted so you know you can trust them. It’s rare that someone moves into a home that doesn’t need any improvements so keep this list updated and ready to go for the client that may need some extra help.

Lead Generation

The world of marketing for realtors is constantly changing. Yet, it remains on one common goal: generate leads. Statistics show that 47% of sellers hired an agent that was recommended to them by a friend – which highlights the importance of maintaining relationships with each client you make.

While sticking with the basics can help you to get close to 50% of your leads, you’ll want to invest in lead generation to reach outside of your circle. Tools like Property Connect from Haines can ensure you have the data you need to find ideal prospects. Using this data can help you refine marketing strategies, keep your auto-dialer full and close new clients that will expand your reach. 

Interpersonal Relationships with Clients 

Realtors know that in order to sell houses, they need to sell themselves in a way. Successful realtors know that consumers need to have a healthy relationship with the professional they are hiring to help them make one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Returning to the basics of going door-to-door and meeting with your clients in person instead of scheduling zoom calls help build a more positive, welcoming relationship between you and your clients.

Building a Name People Can Trust

It’s no surprise that building trust with clients can be quite challenging. How do you establish a consistent relationship and let your clients know that they can rely on you to do what’s best for them? Simple. Go back to the nature of what it means to be a realtor.

Building a positive reputation takes time and effort. It’s not going to be as easy as sending out mass emails as your only form of marketing or communication. Sometimes it means going above and beyond to show you truly care – offer to help your client move in, bring lunch over on their move-in day, or even swing by to shovel their driveway during a time in need. 

The Power of Keeping in Touch 

Every good realtor knows just how important it is to have inventory of their past and future clients. It seems that realtors these days often lose touch with their former clients. This is a big mistake, as maintaining a relationship with previous clients is one of the best ways to have them return or refer you to friends and families.

Learn from the past, learn from the basics, never lose a former client’s home address. Even a yearly Christmas letter will remind them that you’re there. This way, when their friend mentions wanting to buy a house, they’ll most likely suggest your services to them.  

The Haines Advantage 

If you’re looking to invest in lead generation software to bring in more clients, look no further than Haines. Haines knows what it means to get back to the basics for real estate agents, as we’ve been trusted in the game for over 90 years. We’re determined to use our expertise to help make real estate agents close more deals and be the best they can be. Contact us today to learn how Haines can help you thrive as a real estate agent!

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