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Real estate marketing can be time-consuming and difficult. From unsuccessful cold calls to being turned away at the front door, it can seem like marketing is a waste of time. However, there are many powerful real estate marketing tools to make the process much easier and more effective. Here are 3 of our favorite real estate marketing tools and how to use them successfully:

Real Estate Marketing Tools on Social Media

Online real estate lead generation tools make marketing much easier because they compile property and homeowner information to identify potential buyers or sellers. Our favorite lead generation tool is Haines Criss+Cross because it provides an easy-to-use searchable database, identifies people who own multiple properties and potential first-time buyers, and offers filters to target hundreds of possible data points.

This tool allows real estate agents to waste less time on cold calls and instead dedicate themselves to contacting interested customers or sellers. Having so much valuable information in one place cuts down on research time and provides a holistic view of your real estate market to help you plan your marketing strategies. Criss-Cross helps real estate agents identify a highly interested target audience, so it is a powerful tool to make marketing efforts easier and more effective.

Real Estate Marketing Tools on Social Media

According to HubSpot, 90.4% of Millennials and 77.5% of Generation X are active social media users. Social media is thus a great way to reach younger buyers looking to make their first home purchase or new parents wanting to buy a bigger property for their family. Social media is one of the best real estate marketing tools available because it is free, allows you to communicate directly with customers, and makes networking much simpler.

On your account, you can post home listings, make short videos about buying a home in 2021’s competitive environment, and other helpful content. Try not to post only advertisements or listings; this can bore your followers, so it is good practice to add more informative or engaging posts occasionally. Running paid advertisements can also help drive traffic to your real estate agency website or phone number.

Email to Reinforce Real Estate Marketing Tools 

Crafting an effective marketing email can help turn leads from social media and your lead generation software into actual sales or potential clients. Email marketing can remind people of homes they have shown interest in, inform subscribers about upcoming showings or new listings, encourage homeowners to sell or move, and more. You can make the most of your marketing emails by limiting them to once or twice a week, including a call to action (“win a free home inspection” or other hook), and incorporating professional graphics to increase visual appeal. To make writing emails easier, consider coming up with your call to action first, and then writing the actual text of the email. This can help focus your thinking and make sure that you are working toward the correct goal (encouraging people to enter your free home inspection giveaway, for example).

Marketing no longer has to be painful and unsuccessful; with modern real estate marketing tools, it is easier than ever to identify leads, network to customers or other professionals, and convert leads into sales. By utilizing powerful lead generation software like Haines Criss-Cross, you can focus on interested buyers or sellers and tailor your marketing efforts to those individuals on social media. Email can remind potential buyers about showings they have attended in the past or inform them about new exclusive offers to encourage them to make a purchase. Overall, real estate marketing tools can make your life much easier and help increase your sales at the same time!

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