The Ultimate
Real Estate Lead Generation Tool

In the world of real estate, knowledge is power. The more a real estate agent knows about their target area, their clients, and the market as a whole, the better they can generate leads, identify lucrative opportunities, and close beneficial deals for their clients. 

With Haines Criss+Cross™, real estate agents can finally access the information they need to keep their sales funnel full while also delivering the best customer service possible.

    So how does it work? 

    Haines Criss+Cross™ is an online real estate lead generation tool that allows realtors to access vital property and homeowner information. With this innovative tool, agents can zero in on qualified buyers and sellers and grow their lead capacity. 

    Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for Haines Criss+Cross™:

    • Searchable database that contains detailed property and homeowner information on every residential and commercial property in your market.
    • The ability to identify people who own multiple properties.
    • Information on renters of single-family homes or apartment dwellers to target as potential first-time home buyers.
    • Search features that let you categorize by zip code, radius, and more.


      Download Farm Area Lists

      Includes Cell and Email for Homeowners and Renters

      Target Renters as First-time Home Buyers

      + Up to 300 Searchable Data Points (e.g. age, birthdate, credit rating, income, & length of residency)
      + 300M+ Data Points Processed Monthly
      + Data Across All 50 US States

      Taking the Next Step with Haines 

      Haines Criss+Cross™ offers agents the opportunity to reimagine the way they generate real estate leads. Instead of spending vital resources making cold calls to unreceptive consumers or sending advertisements out into the void, Haines provides real estate agents with data they can use to make informed decisions that will grow their farm. 

      Haines’ real estate lead generation tool will save you money by helping you retain your current clients and find new ones in your area. This will also save you time by guiding you toward more qualified and viable prospects. And Haines Criss+Cross™ will allow you to grow your area of operations and expand into new markets with confidence.

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      We’re More than Just Data

      Criss+Cross™ is an innovative, easy-to-use tool that will transform your real estate lead generation process. Just the raw data available in this platform is extremely valuable. At Haines, though, it’s our mission to help our customers make quality connections to enable the growth of their business. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide our clients with the training and resources required to make the most of the opportunities they find using the Haines Criss+Cross™.

       With your Haines Criss+Cross™ subscription, you get access to our library of resources including FAQs, video How-Tos, and more. And, of course, you’ll receive exceptional customer service when you are looking for something you can’t find.


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