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Anyone who works in sales knows that closing is the most important part of the transaction. Here are four great techniques to fill your sales funnel while showcasing the value of your work.

A talented salesperson is constantly welcoming new prospects while they close on old ones. It’s crucial to keep both new and old prospects engaged so you can line up future sales.

But real estate agents have to go the extra mile when it comes to engaging their prospects.

Home buying by its nature is an emotional purchase. As much as buyers believe they are simply looking for a home, the truth is that they’re seeking so much more.

A real estate agent can’t just prove their effectiveness. They have to prove their value. But once you have a reputation for being an agent who views buyers as real people with real needs, wants, fears, and dreams, you’ll see your bottom line grow.

By using these methods you’ll build the kind of value in your services that will keep the prospects coming — and the sales closing.

Four Effective Ways to Maximize Sales:

1) Become a Thought Leader

It’s now possible for all professionals to create their own personal brands.

So show your prospects what you’re capable of by building yours as a real estate agents. Blogging, creating a YouTube channel, or even a Snapchat are great places to start.

Remember: your brand that acts as a bridge of trust between yourself and your interested buyer prospects.

2) Multi-Channel Approach

Agents often ask, “Which should I focus on? Social media or real world networking?”

The answer is “Both.”

Don’t exclude or shy away from any type of promotion. It is through the omnipresence of a multi-channel approach that you will validate your namesake in the mind of your buyer.


3) Build Your List

You can — and should — be building your own lists.

When networking and talking to potential clients, try and extract an email address. From that one piece of information, you can opt them into future communications from yourself and your office.

Business will quickly follow.

4) Provide 10x Value

Too often, salespeople of any industry forget that they’re not just selling the product.

In the case of a real estate buyer, they’re looking for what the home will mean and what it will become. So be sure not to focus solely on the specs: the square footage, number of bathrooms, or an outdoor pool aren’t going to close the deal.

Your customer saw all of this information when they read the home listing.

Instead, listen to what the customer wants, and paint a picture of what a future in the house will look like.

Bonus Tip: Respond Quickly to Inquiries

Did you know? The first two hours after receiving a lead can make or break your chances of reaching the prospect. Find out the optimal time to follow up, with our free guide.


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