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It’s the question that we ask ourselves every day: How do I find my next would-be homeowner? Experts tell us there are dozens of ways to find clients who need help financing their next home.

But we can‘t personally try all of the hundreds of different techniques that are out there. There are only so many hours in the day—and only so much cash in our advertising budget.

But there is one suggestion that keeps coming up again and again. One suggestion that experts agree is an irreplaceable marketing tool for mortgage lenders: social media.

Here’s how it can help you:

Social Media Lets You Talk Directly to Your Customers

The average homebuyer is looking for someone like you. They need an expert to help them unravel the intricacies of real estate finance.

But they need someone who can make that complex process simple for them—someone who can take years or decades of experience and condense it into a simple message that they can understand.

Social media is tailor-made for this. These platforms force you to condense your message into a series of sound bites that will easily connect with your leads.

And you can enhance each message with pictures and video to drive your point home. Each post helps you show off your expertise and walk your leads through every step, even if you’re just answering basic questions.


Social Media Helps You Network on a Higher Level

The pros praise social media for its ability to get crucial mortgage information to potential clients anywhere in the world. But the ability to network through social media can be a gold mine as well.

Anyone who likes, retweets, or shares your content is sending your message to their friends and connections. Even if that second party doesn’t contact you, social media gives them the chance to pass the message on, if they think it has value.

With the right content, you could reach everyone in their circle—dozens or hundreds of people—and spark the interest of someone who might be interested in buying a home as well. You might even be connecting with people who haven’t begun talking to other experts about what they should be doing.

This means you can get a larger number of high-quality referrals with little to no heavy lifting. And the chances of you finding a lead that will convert to a customer gets even higher when you can correctly utilize social media advertising.

Social Media Never Stops Working

Most marketing campaigns have an end date. There are only so many flyers you can stick on doorknobs. Only so many times you can promote your latest sale. Only so many networking meetups you can attend.

But social media never stops. Your social media accounts will keep suggesting real estate professionals that you can network with. They will keep giving you information about what your competitors are doing.

And best of all, they’ll keep giving curious leads useful information that can be accessed any time.

“I get at least one deal a day from social media,” said Albert Preciado of The Mortgage Guys in a recent Forbes article. “People will send a direct message to my page – once a day, at least.”

Start Using the Best Marketing Tool for Mortgage Lenders!

So as long as you make regular updates, your social media never stop working. It’s no wonder social media is considered one of the best tool for mortgage professionals like you.

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