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It’s not that you haven’t been trying to find leads. You have. You’ve advertised your services, attended dozens of networking groups, and have done all the things people traditionally do to find the next great sale.

But something’s wrong. Traditional lead generation techniques just haven’t panned out for you. You might be using a dated approach, or you might need to find a lead source that the rest of your industry hasn’t picked clean.

But no matter what problems you’re facing, the result is the same. Your search for leads has simply turned up empty. And you’re not sure why.

Have no fear, because there’s other ways to look for the info you need. Let’s talk about how you can…

… find new ways to interact through Social Media


Actively Promote Your Business by Making Better Content

How often do you post reviews, articles, and pictures of people who love your services on social media? Have you posted educational videos that showcase how and why your product matters? Have you tried to create a community or are you just maintaining a page?

The likelihood of a lead contacting you increases if your services look too good to pass up. So take a serious look at your existing social media platform and make sure it’s pulling its weight.

Find New Leads through Social Media Analytics

Your next potential customer is on social media right now, looking for products like yours. You can find out who’s looking and what kind of an impression your company is making by using analytics.

There are a number of services out there that will optimize your social media presence – but experts agree that using a company like Sprout Social or Hootsuite is a good place to start.

Use Facebook Advertising

Each day over one billion people check their Facebook accounts. So why aren’t you advertising on the platform that your potential leads use every day? Facebook’s lead generation ads will grab lead info, collect that info using a CRM, and control who can access each lead.

If you’re curious, be sure to check out Facebook’s Lead Ads webpage.



… find new ways to reach out to individuals


Get Referrals from Current Customers

Have you told your customers lately that you love them? Appreciating your customers and keeping them informed about upcoming deals can only do so much.

Be sure to keep asking satisfied customers if they need any further services, or know someone who does. Not all of your customers will respond favorably, but you’ll never know if you never ask.

Revisit Leads that Are Cold or Dead

A lot can change over time. That’s why it’s important to check in with your leads. All of your leads. A lead that’s deader than a doornail today might be in the market for your services in six months. At the very least, they’ll probably know someone who might be looking.

So pull up the contact info of anyone you’ve written off, and see if you can reach out to them today.

Offer Consultations via Linkedin

With over 400 million members, LinkedIn is a great resource for making professional contacts. But it’s also underutilized when it comes to finding leads.

Luckily, you can start looking for leads on one of the biggest professional websites in the world by making a couple of adjustments to your existing account, and offering your expertise as a consultant.


… find new ways to automate your lead collection


Automate Lead Capture Through Established Companies

There are thousands of companies out there that can help you automate your marketing and lead collection. If you’re just starting out, you should check out the lead generation services at Hubspot. It offers good, basic options for a wide range of industries.

Use Haines V4i Software

If you’re a mortgage company or home improvement contractor – or any other business connected to real estate – you should look into Haines V4i. Our V4i software can give you the analytics to learn what type of leads your business should go after. It also helps you perform advanced searches specific to your area.

Download our free ebook and learn ten ways every Realtor, mortgage professional, insurance agent, and home improvement contractor can get leads.


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