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Leads are valuable assets in any business; they offer opportunity for growth, but unfortunately they can be difficult to obtain. For insurance companies, especially, leads can be particularly elusive due to the sheer number of players competing for their attention. Here are five of the best tips for insurance lead generation, allowing you to secure the most meaningful prospects for your insurance business:

Talk with Existing Customers

Some of the best leads will always come from existing customers. Not only are referrals cheap to obtain — casual conversation can reveal multiple leads at no cost to you — they can be easy to contact using email, the phone or even a physical meetup.

Harness the Internet

If you’re relatively new to the insurance sector, you might not have many existing customers to assist you with insurance lead generation. In this case, establishing a strong Internet presence should be your first priority. Studies show that up to 80% of people research businesses online before purchasing a product or service. A well-developed, professional-looking website, along with a constant social media presence, allow you to attract potential clients to you rather than search them out yourself!

Create Relevant Content 

Similarly, publishing timely, accurate information will help you capture consumer attention, thus allowing you to interact with people who might not be known to you or your associates. And if writing isn’t your “thing,” seek out other ways to distribute information about your work and insurance in general. Sign up to deliver presentations at local organizations and clubs; participate in forums; offer free workshops and information sessions; volunteer your services; etc. Get information in front of people so that they see you as an expert and want your assistance.


There’s really no substitute for actively initiating insurance lead generation. As mentioned, insurance leads are hot commodities. In 2020 there were over 2.9 million people working in the insurance industry, with approximately 1.2 million of them working as agents and brokers alone. That’s a lot of people wanting the public’s business. To really compete with everyone vying for the same information, you need to hit the pavement. Talk with friends, colleagues and other associates (and associates of associates) so that you are able to expand your reach, exposing yourself to people you don’t know you don’t know.

Partner with Haines for Insurance Lead Generation

Of course, an experienced business partner can provide additional security during the insurance lead generation process, offering access to lead opportunities with just a few strokes of a keyboard. Our Haines Criss + Cross database allows insurance agents to quickly search qualified insurance leads and build their list of contacts and associates so that they can save time for actual insurance work. To learn more about insurance lead generation and how a trusted partner can make the process easier and more productive, please contact our team at Haines.

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