Find Better Home Insurance Leads with Haines Criss+Cross™

On average, Americans buy roughly 14,000 houses every day. For insurance agents, this means that there are always new opportunities to connect with potential customers in their neighborhood. It’s just a matter of finding those home insurance leads.

Fortunately, thanks to Haines Criss+Cross™, you can identify potential home insurance leads, maximize sales capacity, and more effectively manage and retain current customers.

home insurance leads

Here’s how it works:

Haines Criss+Cross™ is an online property database that gives home insurance agents up-to-date property and homeowner information they need to find qualified insurance leads and build their list of contacts and associates.

With this innovative platform, insurance agents can:

  • Conduct a detailed search of their targeted geographic areas.
  • Locate businesses based on SIC number.
  • Identify new renters or homeowners in their target market.
  • Learn key consumer habits and search for leads based on behavioral criteria like the value of their property, the type of car they drive, as well as their hobbies and interests.

Everyone needs insurance. With Criss+Cross™, agents can discover how best to approach new leads and optimize their sales efforts.

+ Detailed Information on every Property

+ Import Data into CRM or Auto Dialer

+ Export Lists for Phone and Mail Marketing

+ Search by Insurance Xdates


Search by X-Dates for Expiring Policies

Market to Businesses based on SIC Code

Import Data into CRM or Auto Dialer and Export Lists for Phone and Mail Marketing

Includes Cell & Email for Homeowners and Renters

Getting More Home Insurance Leads with Haines

Knowing where your leads live, what they drive, their credit rating, and how they spend their free time can all be hugely advantageous for insurance agents looking to expand their reach and grow their operation. Criss+Cross™ enables agents to streamline their efforts by letting them focus on connecting with quality home insurance leads with high conversion potential.

Instead of spending countless hours making unsuccessful cold calls, or spending thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising efforts that don’t produce results, agents can zero in on the best leads in their target market. Save money, save time, and make more sales. What’s not to love?

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