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When it comes to reaching out to prospective clients, HVAC contractors tend to target older customers and established families – groups that are more likely to own a home and have disposable income.

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But that might be a costly mistake. If you’re an HVAC contractor who hasn’t reached out to the new generation of homeowners, you could be losing out.

Here are three ways you can market your HVAC services to younger homeowners:

Add Value to Your Pitch

Millennials began their careers during the Great Recession, so it’s no wonder that more than half of them practice strict financial planning.

Today’s young homeowners do their research before making a big purchase. Your services should be advertised as something that will save time and money. Take every opportunity to remind homeowners that regular HVAC maintenance will keep repair costs and utility bills low.

Discounts and rebates will appeal to young homeowners as well, so use these promotional tools to bring in new customers.

Try to be Tech Savvy

Most young homeowners will search for HVAC contractors by using sites like Google Business, Yelp or Yellowone. You must make a good first impression with a professional online presence.

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Start by optimizing your company’s website and creating an attractive profile. Make sure that the design and layout of your website is clean, and that it’s easy to contact you through e-mail, phone, or social media. Consider adding some digital tools to your marketing efforts. E-mail newsletters can give your customers tips on how to keep utility costs down and entice them to buy through special promotions or coupons.

Look for Trends in the Market

Homeowners are increasingly interested in buying or building smart homes, houses with home automation systems. These systems can be used for anything from security and climate control to gaming and entertainment.

Be sure your company is knowledgeable about installation and management of smart home systems. If you have the knowledge and skills to deliver these services, it’s in your best interest to make your marketing information includes smart home installations as a service you provide.


With any industry, the new generation shapes the future. By opening your mind and budget to new marketing techniques, your business will grow with new services and customers.


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