Find Better Home Improvement Leads with Haines Criss+Cross™

What if you could predict when a homeowner in your neighborhood would need an HVAC inspection? Or if you knew when a new property owner decided to renovate a home? Or if you could know in advance how many homes in your area would need roof repairs this year?

Imagine what an ambitious contractor could do with all of these home improvement leads. The good news, of course, is that you don’t have to. That’s because Haines Criss+Cross™ has already helped contractors just like you take their business to the next level!

Here’s how it works:

Haines Criss+Cross™ is an online property database that gives home improvement contractors the property and homeowner information they need to find qualified leads and win more bids.

Its searchable database contains detailed property and homeowner information on every residential and commercial property in your market.

With Criss+Cross™ you can:

  • Target homeowners based on age of home, roof type, exterior construction, number of bathrooms, and more.
  • Identify and market to homeowners around current job sites.
  • Locate multiple property owners and build long-lasting business relationships with repeat customers.
  • Enhance your marketing, advertising, and sales efforts by using relevant data to inform future decisions. 
  • Eliminate wasteful spending on areas or home improvement leads that don’t deliver returns.
  • Enter new markets and grow your company with confidence.


Search by House Value and 350+ other data points.

Includes Cell Phone numbers and Email addresses

Identify prospects near job sites

+ Up to 300 Searchable Data Points (e.g. age of home, roof type, dwelling type, number of bathrooms).
+ 300M+ Data Points Processed Monthly.
+ Radius, polygon & street search available, where you can target around job sites.
+ Leverage previous successes with neighboring homeowners.
+ Curate telemarketing lists and add them to a CRM or auto-dialer.
+ Search new and growing neighborhoods to find qualified leads who need your services.

Taking the Next Step with Haines 

Up-to-date information can tell a contractor a lot about a homeowner. New homeowners may want help upgrading their bathroom or kitchen. Old clients may need to reassess their HVAC systems. And landlords looking to sell or rent may need consistent help upgrading their properties. Armed with this level of detailed knowledge, you can find more leads for home improvement projects, streamline your outreach efforts, close more deals, and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Plus, Criss+Cross™ will help your business grow at a consistent rate. By unearthing good leads during lean times and maximizing your sales potential, Criss+Cross™ ensures your team members have all the tools they need to connect with great customers in your area.

We’re More than Just Data

At Haines, it’s our mission to help our customers make quality connections to enable the growth of their business. We update our databases on a monthly basis, and our expert team is standing by to answer any questions or concerns our clients may have. We understand the unique challenges home improvement contractors face, and we’ll work with you to optimize your Criss+Cross™ experience. With your Haines Criss+Cross subscription, you get access to:

  • Our library of resources including FAQs, video how-tos, and more.
  • Exceptional customer service when you are looking for something you can’t find.


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