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If you are in the business of homeowner’s insurance, you know how overwhelmed homeowners can feel as they shop for coverage of their property and its contents.

Before closing a mortgage, homeowners are sometimes coached to compare the rates of three insurance agencies before committing to a policy.

How can you make sure yours stands out?

Here are some ways to appeal to clients while they’re closing mortgages:

Be Clear about the Level of Insurance Coverage You Offer

Most insurance shoppers aren’t savvy enough to discern between HO-2 and HO-5, and will appreciate transparency on your end.

You can stand out among your competition by being helpful and clear with potential policyholders.

Take Your Time to Explain the Insurance Terms

“Deductible,” “Sub-Limits” and “Riders” may not be familiar terms to shoppers about to close a mortgage.

Take the time to explain these terms in an open way, free of judgement. This sends the message that you truly want to help your clients.


Consult Local Directories

The housing market is region-specific, and you will need to know which areas have mortgages closing fast. Lender directories are usually based in a state–so know what your state or region does to catalog mortgage closings.

Some subscription-based sites may ask you to pay to browse listings–this may be a worthwhile investment, but proceed with caution.

Relationships with Mortgage Brokers

Insurance agents and real estate brokers can form successful partnerships to help homeowners ease into the mortgage closing process.

Attend professional events with brokers and build your network to profile your services.

Relationships with Lawyers

Some states require a lawyer present when home-buyers close on a mortgage. Again, this is another industry that you may work closely with–so develop a partnership that encourages a law firm to refer clients to you while they shop for insurance.

Local Search and SEO

Because your service is tied to a region, take advantage of Local Search options through search engines.

This will enable home insurance shoppers near your zip code to find your business.

Search Engine Optimization ensures that the content on your website accurately reflects the services you provide. An optimized site enables potential clients to get details on local homeowner’s insurance and your business through use of search engines.

Follow these tips to stand apart from your competition and attract more home-buyers looking to purchase insurance before closing a mortgage.

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