By |Published On: December 8, 2017|

Whether you’re a real estate agent, insurance broker, mortgage lender, or home improvement contractor, Haines Criss+Cross Plus Real Estate V4i gives you the tools you need to build your business.

Now we have two new features to help you find leads, convert customers, and plan your future marketing campaigns.

First, we’ve added the ability to do a polygon search. If you know the exact neighborhoods you’d like to target, just click on the Address Tab.

With the polygon option you can tailor your search to the locations you need – right down to the streets that you want your promotions to hit.

V4i Polygon Search

We’ve also upgraded our contact options. Now you can specifically include or exclude leads that have an email address. This features helps you target the best leads for your business, while saving you time and resources.

Haines V4i software has always been able to generate better leads and quicker sales, but with these new upgrades, the future of your business looks brighter than ever.

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