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Email is one of the easiest and most effective marketing tools your organization can use. But what’s the best way to create a great email for your upcoming campaign?

In this article we’re going to talk about the three main components of a successful marketing email, and learn how easy it is to use this great promotional tool effectively.

A Call to Action

When you send out an email that offers a compelling, time sensitive offer, you can turn your readers into leads with a literal click of the button. This technique, known as a Call to Action, starts with an interesting prompt. It can be as simple as ‘click here for a free eBook’ or as complex as ‘Win a free home inspection’.

This prompt is connected to a button or link that takes readers to a landing page. When the link is clicked, the landing page will grab their name and email address, and helps them get the interesting thing you offered. This gives the reader a positive experience, and it gives you the info you need to contact them in the future.

A call to action is most effective if it’s the focus of the message. So before you start to write your marketing email, decide what your call to action will be. Are you sending your readers to an article on your blog? Are you offering a chance to win a gift card? And what will happen if your readers don’t respond today?

The Right Amount of Personalization

Your email needs more than just a great message. You need something that reaches out to your customers and makes them feel like you’re writing to them.

Adding personalization to your email is an effective way to do this. It can turn a message about selling their home into an offer for you to personally help them get the best price. But you’ll need to use a light touch when it comes to this effective tool.


While personalization improves involvement overall, people respond poorly to emails with too many personalized fields. Plus, if you haven’t purged your donor info recently, personalization increases the risk that you’ll call an important prospect by the wrong name, or talk about circumstances that no longer apply.

Thankfully adding one or two personalization fields, in places where the reader isn’t looking for them, can go a long way towards connecting with your customers and getting them to see you as an expert they can trust.

A Great Visual Design

Since so much writing goes into the creation of a great email, you may think that adding graphics and pictures isn’t that important. But studies show that content with compelling images gets 94% more total views on average than content without images. From press releases to social media, any message can be improved with the right images.

Designate space in your email for a great header that will get your readers excited about your topic. Keep your fonts, color scheme, and spacing consistent throughout. And use plenty of white space and subheadings to make sure your readers’ eyes are drawn to certain messages in the text. These visual flourishes will get your readers interested in your services… before they’ve even read a single word.

Once you’ve created a great marketing email, make sure you’re sending it to the right prospects. With V4i software, you can target leads in a wide range of categories – like affluent apartment tenants or residents of non-owner occupied homes. V4i now includes email addresses, so you can be certain that your next marketing email will find the right people.

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