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Did you know that nearly 70% of customers start their search for a pawnbroker online? We’ll tell you how one local pawnbroker utilized a combination of print and digital marketing to achieve some amazing results.

Case Study: Mr. Deals Buy – Sell

Jeff DelCorvo, owner of Mr. Deals Buy – Sell in Rochester, NY, worked with the Haines Local Search team to develop and implement a custom tailored marketing campaign – one that used both print and digital media. Here’s how his custom campaign yielded incredible success:

Digital Campaign

The Haines Local Search team ran a Google Pay Per Click campaign for six months. From July 2016 to December 2016, their ad received some great results:

  • Over 100,000 impressions (An impression is counted each time your ad is shown on a search result page or another site on the Google Network.)
  • Over 850 clicks that led visitors to their website
  • Over 60 phone calls were made to the custom phone number attached to the ad
  • Over 3,000 visits were made to an individual landing page

When you break it down, the digital portion of the marketing campaign generated 705 interactions with potential customers each month. Haines Local Search also produced an online commercial for the shop. The video was shared on YouTube and generated 700 views in six months.

Print Campaign

The print component of the Haines Local Search campaign was just as successful. Our team ran two print ads in the yellow pages, and those ads generated over 200 phone calls to the shop.

In addition to the advertisements, Jeff also ran a coupon in the back of the book. During the six-month campaign, the coupon encouraged several leads to visit the store and become new customers.

Marketing Across Multiple Channels for Best Results

Although Jeff was hesitant to embrace a marketing campaign that used both digital and print advertising, he was pleased by the results to his brand’s awareness and his return on investment.

After his campaign ended, he had this to say:

Haines Local Search is a company of spectacular people. As a business owner, you feel the need to control everything, and I am as guilty as they come. My marketing campaign was something I thought I was managing well.

The truth of the matter was I was far from that. When I first met with Adam Schutz, I was stubborn. But he won me over quickly. Numbers don’t lie. He showed me how Haines Local Search could boost your bottom line with real marketing for this day and age and he did it in a way that a person could understand and trust in. I have seen real results and real value.

The internet is the modern day newspaper. Why read the newspaper when you can Google it? If you don’t believe this, simply ask your customers, and they will tell you.

I hear 50 times a day that people heard about my company from “Googling.” With Haines Local Search I can count on specialized members like Katie Chambers who manages my Pay-Per-Clicks and finds the trends that bring me more business every day.

Business thrives when you find specialized people. Choose this team of specialized people who know what it takes to make your business thrive, and you won’t regret it. My money is on them.

Jeff DelCorvo

We hope this case study is a wake-up call to businesses who are looking to reach local consumers. Simply having an online presence or an ad in the phone book is no longer enough. It is vitally important to invest wisely across several channels, including Yellow Page advertising, if you are going to gain a marketing edge.

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