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We picked four different law firms that advertise in our Broome and Tioga counties directory. After placing a unique call tracking phone number in their Yellow Pages ads, we monitored the number of calls the ads generated. Here’s what we found.

Our Findings

These results prove that consumers are still using the telephone directory to find legal representation.

  • Attorney A received 1,132 phone calls from May 2016 to January 2017, translating to 126 phone calls per month.
  • Attorney B received 1,449 phone calls, an average of 161 calls per month.
  • Attorney C received 327 phone calls over the same period. That’s an average of 36 calls monthly.
  • Attorney D received 314 phone calls over the nine months, an average of 35 calls per month.

Interested in Reviving your Yellow Pages Ad Campaign?

Here are a few tips you can use:

Change Your Ads

Most firms give up on their Yellow Page ads when they don’t generate consistent leads. But if you’re not getting calls, the problem might be your ad campaign. New ads with fresh visuals are an easy way to change your fortunes.

Consider Your Practice Area

The Yellow Pages work better for some law firms. Take this into account when you’re trying to decide how much time and energy to invest. For example, most personal injury practices get great leads from local Yellow Pages ads, but an International Maritime Lawyer won’t.

Consider Your Audience

Yellow Page ads work better if you’re marketing to older demographics. Some senior citizens, for example, still rely exclusively on the phone book to find lawyers. People who live in rural areas or have limited internet access also prefer a hard copy phone book to an unreliable Google search. If your firm is trying to target these overlooked demographics, then a Yellow Page ad will put you ahead of the game.

Market Across Multiple Channels for Best Results

This should serve as a wake-up call to businesses looking to reach local consumers. Those who market exclusively online risk missing out on potential business. For attorneys looking for a marketing edge, the data presented here shows the importance of investing wisely across several channels, including Yellow Page advertising.


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