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Have you ever had a need for a product.. a suit…a dress… a pair of shoes but did not want to pay the full retail price? Have you ever shopped at a Thrift Store? Thrift Stores can be full of great bargains at very low prices. Most Thrift Stores seem to concentrate on clothing, but many have appliances, toys or even furniture. Also, their inventory is constantly changing so it can it can be fun going through Thrift Stores on a regular basis. Learn why thrift store shopping is valuable!

Many Thrift Stores are nonprofit organizations. Many represent and fund national organizations and can provide significant sources of revenue for those organizations. Some of those organizations are Amvets{ representing American veterans}, Military Order of the Purple Heart {representing wounded war veterans}, Home of Grace { representing addiction recovery programs}, Teen Challenge { representing faith-based addiction recovery programs}, and the American Family Foundation [ representing family-oriented ministries}. These are only a few of the many, many organizations that are funded at least, in part, by Thrift Stores.

Haines and Company has worked with nearly 100 Thrift Stores, many on an ongoing basis, for over 20 years . All Thrift Stores rely on donations from the general public to keep their stores stocked with goods and products. Haines provides the data, including names, addresses and phone numbers of those households in the general area around the Thrift Store. Mailing postcards on behalf of the Thrift Store is a service. Haines has been providing for years. Most recently, Haines has been providing the email addresses of those most likely to contribute goods to their local Thrift.

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