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Your web address is the focal point of your marketing, sales, and branding efforts. But it can only work when your site’s design is the best it can be. Bad website design can taint your promotional efforts, drive away customers, and even undermine your reputation.

Fortunately, you can prevent this by redesigning your website. A website redesign helps you fix persistent software problems and address issues that might be costing you leads and money.

When should you Redesign?

Your site is difficult to navigate.

Is your site user-friendly? How quickly do your customers find what they’re looking for? If you don’t have easy answers to these questions, you may need to streamline your site’s navigation. Simplifying your navigational tools and toolbars will make your site intuitive to new customers. Be sure each customer can find what they’re looking for within three clicks or so.

The site is not mobile-responsive.

About 25% of consumers access the internet solely through mobile devices and smartphones, and 60% use both mobile devices and PCs. So if you don’t have a mobile-ready site, you could be losing business. Check to see if your site is mobile responsive – many newer websites are already designed to be. However, if your site’s formatting appears disjointed on mobile devices, be sure to update your site’s design with responsive web development.

It’s invisible to search engines.

When people want to buy something online, they Google it. So where you rank on search engines can make or break your website. Do some research about the amount of traffic your site generates, and what keywords people use to find your site. Then use this information to develop better SEO optimization for your site.

You have a high bounce rate.

Is your site getting plenty of traffic, but few sales? When people leave a site quickly, without making a purchase, it’s called a ‘bounce’. While bouncing can be caused by poor offers and prices, there are multiple reasons why visitors might be leaving your site early. A poorly- designed, outdated website is the second most common reason for a high ‘bounce’ rate.

You need to hire an expensive expert for all site updates.

Older websites were designed with specialized programming tools and complex codes. So if you want to make any changes – even simple ones, like fixing a spelling error – you’ll need to hire a coding expert. Fortunately, when you redesign your site, you can take back control. A modern site, developed with a Content Management System like WordPress, will allow you to update your content as you wish.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your web address, don’t wait – contact us today. We’ll help redesign your site so you don’t lose any more customers or miss out on any more sales.

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