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Does your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) business want to take advantage of a $16.2 billion dollar day? Small Business Saturday (November 26th) is a day that screams “Sales, Service, and Deals.”

Sales on Small Business Saturday have increased an average of 12% in each of the last two years. With this year expected to do the same, how much of the estimated $18 billion+ do you want?

If you think you can’t take advantage of Small Business Saturday because you aren’t a brick & mortar retail store or a staple of the local mall, you are incorrect – and you’ll be glad that you are.

What is Small Business Saturday and How Did It Get Here?

In 2010 American Express partnered with small businesses to promote a day that heightens awareness of small businesses within communities.

The U.S. Senate passed a resolution supporting Small Business Saturday in 2011. Now hosted the day after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday concedes Black Friday to the multinational chain stores with multi-million dollar web presences and instantly recognizable logos. Saturday, however, is yours.

Now, what should you do with it?


How You Should Take Advantage of Small Business Saturday?

  • Create an idea for that day – Your idea could be an event, a special, a sale. Maybe you have an annual subscription service that can be discounted only on that day? What kind of deal could you offer your customers if they buy or book that day? The national advertising campaign sponsored by American Express will have surely reached your customer base by that day. Your potential clients will have Small Business Saturday on their minds. Now it’s up to you to make a deal attractive enough for them to take.
  • Spread the word locally – While American Express will fund the national promotion, you have an opportunity to do so locally. The first place to go in 2016 is social media. Make sure all of your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn know the day and know what you are offering on that day. If you have email addresses of past customers, use them. If you have addresses, use postcards or brochures. If you have a mailing list, use it. If not, there are lead-generating companies such as Haines & Company that can create a localized list tailored to your needs.
  • Be prepared – After you have done the right amount of promotion, make sure you sure fully staffed and stocked. Be ready for the potential rush that surely will come your way.

What Kind of Deals Could A Great HVAC Small Business Offer on Small Business Saturday?

  • Discounts on heating units or off-season air conditioning units
  • Furnace cleaning Packages (2-for-1, etc)
  • Duct cleaning packages
  • AC inspection and tune-up
  • Main Line and Mold Blocker service
  • Early bird furnace tune-up

Small Business Saturday can be an advantage for you. Most big box retailers count on the Thanksgiving to Christmas month being the time of year that keeps them in the black.

Why shouldn’t it be for you also?

If you need ideas, look online. If you need names, a company like Haines & Company can provide as many as you need, as often as you need them, and fully tailored to the specific you provide. Have a great Small Business Saturday and go out there and make sales!


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