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Real estate agents always juggle many tasks at once: gaining the trust of new clients, building a positive reputation and securing listings all take time and care. Give yourself an edge over your competition with these six tips on using search engine optimization to find the most relevant real estate data:

Local Search

Make the most of Internet search engine queries.

Local Search is a tool to match people in your area researching properties to you. If you invest in Local Search, you may see an increase in your client base.

The search terms you set are important! “Buying home in Miami” may be one term you have directed to you—but don’t forget to include words like “relocation to Denver” or other phrases people choose when researching a move.

Google Adwords

A pay-per-click advertising campaign may breathe fresh life into your client base.

The service GoogleAdwords will place your ads on popular websites like Facebook, and invite new clients from your area to click on your link.

Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is closely tied to Lead Generation—that is, collecting, saving, and possibly purchasing lists of potential clients.

You will want to stay in contact with potential clients who were searching for property in your geographic area (whom you found because you were utilizing Local Search).

Potential clients may only be in the research stage now, but you’ll want to save their contact information for later. Or, they may have a friend or family member looking to relocate as well.

In any case, build a list of potential clients who make inquiries, and stay in contact with this base regularly.


Optimal Content

Make sure your online presence is bolstered by a platform that will direct potential clients to you. Content should be clear and engaging, as well as free of errors.

Beyond that, content should also make use of possible search engine terms or keywords.

Client Reviews

Part of increasing your brands reputation includes highlighting the happy clients you’ve worked with in the past.

You’ll want to court and collect client feedback whenever possible. This becomes especially beneficial to your Google Business page, or as a Yelp review.

Support Mobile Devices

Buying and selling property are weighty endeavors—but this doesn’t mean that people won’t search on their cell phones or tablets!

These days we do everything on our smart phones, so it’s unwise to believe people won’t search for property this way.

Expand your web site’s appeal, and make life easier for potential clients, by making sure your web content is compatible with mobile device views.


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