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In today’s advertising landscape, video marketing is king. Videos give brands a unique way to communicate their marketing messages directly to their client base. Studies show that 73% of people are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video online.

With channels like YouTube boasting billions of videos monthly, you already face stiff competition. If you want to succeed, you must make a video that stands out from the crowd.

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If you can get a video right, you’ll have a powerfully effective tool that can engage your established audience as well as win new leads. Here are four ways you can create a compelling sales video:

Showcase Your Personality

Most people aren’t buying Apple products the day they come out because it’s cost effective. They buy Apple products because they truly love the brand.

If customers are invested in a brand’s identity, they’re excited to buy anything the company makes. That’s why your videos should show the viewer what sets you apart. Show the audience how your products are made; or, if you provide a service, let them meet the team.

Be Clear and Concise

Whether you’re recording a panel discussion or a product tutorial, treat each video as if you are talking to new viewers. Start with a strong introduction, talk about what you’ll be doing and what your viewer will gain from watching your video. Tell the viewers who you are, and introduce everyone that appears in the video. Be sure to finish as strong as you start, reviewing the key points from the video and telling the viewer how they can get more information.

Tell a Story

When you watch an award-winning videos video from the Humane Society, you can see how visuals tell a compelling story. You want each of your brand’s videos to be just as riveting.

Write down the story you want to tell, starting with a clear introduction, challenges, a climax, and an ending. You can talk about your journey as a brand or the process leading to one of your core products.

Keep the Length Reasonable

If your video doesn’t get to the point in two minutes or less, you may find that you’ve lost most of your viewers. Studies have shown that 5% of online viewers leave a video after one minute, while 60% of viewers leave after two minutes. So keep it brief. The shorter your video is, the bigger an impact it will have.

It’s competitive out there. If you want to attract and retain viewers for your videos, you need to be talented and creative. Remember your target audience and your platform. Ready to get started? Click here for more information on video marketing.


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