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As a real estate agent, you’re in the business of making people happy. So social media should be your best friend. After all, it can give you a personal connection to leads and clients that very few other forms of promotion can.

Starting or revitalizing your business’ online presence might seem like a daunting task. But it really isn’t. Here are four simple ways you can make yourself look like a real estate guru on social media.

When in Doubt, Post a Photo

Our brains are designed to focus on visual information, and we learn more through pictures than any other form of communication. It’s no wonder great images and videos go viral so easily!

Written posts and scripted audio can interest people, but creating them takes a lot of time and energy—resources that you could be using to build your business. So why not post images and video instead?

Sell someone their dream home by posting a picture of the breakfast nook of their dreams. Create a photo gallery of your latest listing to inspire a homeowner who’s been thinking about selling.

Or have a weekly Livestream where you take 10 minutes and walk through a property most of your buyers have overlooked. Take a picture of whatever aspect of your business you’d like to bring to the forefront, and watch how quickly people pay attention.

Master the Platforms That Work Best with Your Selling Style

Most people recommend creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to reach out to real estate leads. But—as selling your first house probably taught you—even the best techniques don’t work for every agent every time.

So rather than looking for a cookie cutter social media strategy, focus on the platforms that are right for you.

You could create a Snapchat account to reach out to young buyers. You could create a profile on a new, real estate specific platform like ActiveRain or NextDoor. Or you could stick to casting a wide net through Facebook or Twitter.

Try out different social media platforms and see which ones work best for your business. Then create and maintain professional accounts on the three platforms that work for you.


Find the Customers Who Are Looking for You on Social Media

You know which customers are the best fit for your business. You know what kind of customers you’re looking for right now. But are you making it easy for those customers to find you?

There are a couple simple ways to get an audience’s attention. You can use hashtags that appeal to regional or niche clients.

You can use social media to connect to organizations that your customers will to talk to when they want to buy a house—like a law firm specializing in divorce, or a homeowners association for wealthy renters.

Then you’ll just need to make sure each of your posts tells a story these potential customers will be interested in. Use pictures to show how you helped people find their next home.

Talk about things you wish you had known when buying and selling your first house. By being genuine and talking about your experiences, you’ll stand out in the vast ocean of people who are trying to do nothing but sell something.

Make Use of Social Media Free Tools

Who has time to post to social media every day? Not me. That’s where free tools like Hootsuite and Buffer come in handy. Their free versions let you schedule a limited amount of social media posts. So set aside a couple hours every few weeks and schedule your posts in advance.

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