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Many real estate agents still recognize Haines & Company for our Criss+Cross Directory, known by some simply as the “big, blue book.” While times have changed since 1932 (the year the first Criss+Cross Directory was published), professionals nationwide still depend on the printed directory for invaluable research and sales.

But did you know that Haines Information Products, formerly known as Haines Criss+Cross, has been continually developing products to benefit real estate agents?

Fast forward to 2015. Haines has developed products such as V4i, an online database with valuable information on prospect demographics specifically engineered for real estate agents. With just a click or two, you can view information about all residential and commercial properties in a market, including:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Wealth Code
  • House market value
  • When the home was built
  • Expiration date on insurance
  • And more than 50 other resident/owner, site and financial criteria

Here are some scenarios in which a real estate agent can benefit from using the V4i database:

Address – If you are planning to work in Orange County next week, V4i can provide a listing of prospect addresses by zip code. Then you can tailor your list by…

Phone Number – If you have phone numbers, V4i can use that information to give you addresses. Another piece of information that might be useful for your prospect search would be…

Wealth Code – Is your target $40,000 – $50,000 incomes or are you targeting anyone above $100,000? You also might want to know…

House Market Value – Is your target $75,000 – $100,000 homes or are you targeting Orange County homes which average north of $700,000? Another piece of information that would be beneficial to know might be…

When the Home Was Built – If you knew when the home was built, you could tailor your presentations toward potential buyers looking for a home that was up to “X” years old.

Want to Know More Real Estate Agents?

Watch our short video to learn how Haines V4i helps real estate agents find qualified buyers and sellers.


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