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Any real estate agent can find a lead, talk to a client, and land a sale. But you’re ready to go above and beyond. Not only are you going to help your leads find a home they love, you’re going to do it with a little extra style.

Here’s a few techniques that will help you find new real estate clients with panache.

Make Sure Your Online Profiles Make You Look like the Boss That You Are

Websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Red Fin have become vital tools in today’s real estate market.51% of homeowners found the home they eventually bought through the internet and over 17% of buyers found their agent online. So your online profile might be the first thing your clients see.

Take a look at your website profiles. Be sure each profile has positive reviews, pictures of listed houses, and any degrees or certifications you’ve earned.

If you can add bonuses like a premiere agent status or a professional introductory video to your page, be sure you do so. An extra accreditation could be the thing that turns a curious lead into an interested client.

Have Your Own Professional Photographer

A classic realtor headshot isn’t enough to entice the current generation of clients.  Eye-catching visuals have become incredibly important in the era of online marketing. So much so that if you can’t match what your competition is doing, you’re likely to get drowned out.

But there’s a way to make sure your visuals are always on point – hiring a professional photographer.

Schedule regular sessions with a photographer or videographer that specializes in creating real estate content. This investment will give you fresh pictures and videos for your website and promotional platforms.

It will also give you new ways to show off hard-to-sell properties, create ads for a local TV stations, or shoot 365 videos that give clients the chance to tour the house of their dreams.


Be the Person That Everyone Knows at a Local Watering Hole

Would you like to reassure nervous leads, gain a reputation for being trustworthy, and find clients that you would have never heard about otherwise? Then you should try this proven technique:

First, find a comfortable, affordable establishment that serves a wide range of meals throughout the day. Then hold all your lunch and dinner meetings at that location. You’ll make connections with the regulars and staff that will subconsciously reassure your potential clients that you’re worth their time and energy.

You’ll also show regulars how much you do for your clients, which will encourage them to refer their friends and family. Just be sure to tip well and be polite to the servers each time you visit.

Create Events Around Things You Love – Then Invite Your Leads to Participate

There’s over 1,300,000 real estate agents in the US. In order to make your mark, you need to stand out from the competition. Hosting events is a great way to showcase the expertise that you’ll bring to the home buying process.

Most agents go with a tried and true topic, like running an educational seminar on a real estate or investing. But events like these aren’t the only game in town.

Try connecting with new clients by hosting a tour of a local microbrewery or vineyard. Organize a game of soccer, kickball, or ultimate Frisbee, and provide a healthy lunch for the participants.

Even mentioning you’re an agent while attending an event for a hobby you love can pay off. You’d be surprised how many people will want to reach out and connect with you when they’re having fun.

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