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There are many key elements that contribute to the success of any direct mail program. There are also some key components that will surely cause your program to fail. Listed below are 8 key factors that will ensure that your Direct Mail program will not succeed.

1) Using the wrong mailing list – It is crucial to use the correct mailing list. Whether you are trying to acquire new customers or sell additional products to existing customers, it is important that you are targeting correctly. Analyze your existing customers both geographically and demographically prior to creating your mailing list.

2) Not Testing – Not testing any new program prior to rolling it out is certainly a recipe for a potential disaster.

3) Concentrate on the features of your product – Direct mail recipients do not care about the features of your product. They only care about the “benefits” that your product can offer them.

4) Not having an offer – By not having an offer or a “call to action”, you are certainly compromising the chance of a successful mailing.

5) Lack of content – Your direct mail piece should not concentrate on your company, but it should have some content which gives your company credibility. The majority of the content should center on the benefits of your product to the end user.

6) Failing to appeal to the five senses of the recipient – If your mail piece does not appeal to the five senses, you’ve decreased your chances for a positive return. Be sure your mail piece uses photos and text that will appeal to the five senses.

7) Do not save the best for last – Making the recipient read a lot of text or struggle to find your offer in small print will surely reduce response rates. Remember, you only have a few seconds to captivate the user and keep their attention.

8) Poor follow up – Direct mail response generally comes within a few days from the time the mail is received. Not being prepared to handle the results in a timely fashion will contribute to an unsuccessful program. Be prepared and well staffed to handle direct mail results in a timely fashion.

Direct mail is a science. Using a common-sense approach, as well as a strong offer to the correct audience, can contribute to the success of any direct mail program.


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