Find Better Mortgage Leads with Haines Criss+Cross™

To a quality mortgage lender, even the smallest detail about a lead can help them close a sale. And when mortgage lenders are able to access key data about potential mortgage leads and the nature of their local market, their job becomes that much easier. Fortunately, Haines Criss+Cross™ takes the guesswork out of mortgage prospecting and allows lenders to connect directly with the most qualified leads in their market.

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How is this possible?

Haines Criss+Cross™ is an online property database that gives mortgage lenders the property and homeowner information they need to find qualified mortgage leads and rewrite more loans.

      • Its searchable database contains detailed property and homeowner information on every residential property in your market.
      • Find properties with first and second mortgages.
      • Identify leads based on behavioral and demographic data like automobile ownership and credit rating.
      • Upload your own list and enhance the data floor using our Upload Feature.
      • Access up-to-date lead contact information.
      • Search for qualified renters who may be ready to buy a home.
      • Streamline your sales process and close more deals.


Perform searches for owners with multiple properties

Includes Cell & Email for Homeowners and Renters

Identify property owners based on their first or second mortgage date

Create telemarketing lists that comply with Federal Do Not Call laws

+ Target property owners based on mortgage type, mortgage amount, due date, and interest rate.
+ Perform searches based on selling price and mortgage amount.
+ Search on the first or second mortgage lender name.
+ Target upscale neighborhood renters as home buyers that need pre-qualified assistance.
+ Find detailed property information on every residential and commercial property in your market.

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Getting More Mortgage Leads with Haines

Criss+Cross™ is a tool designed to enhance the efficiency of your organization. Rather than wasting valuable time running down dead-end prospects, mortgage lenders can use Criss+Cross™ to quickly locate individuals or families in their area most likely to become mortgage leads. Plus, Criss+Cross™ enables mortgage lenders to market, advertise, and perform cold calls with greater effectiveness. This innovative search platform can save your team money, time, and help your organization enter new markets with confidence. With up-to-date, comprehensive property data on your side, the possibilities are limitless!

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