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Mobile text message marketing is a way to connect with your best customers in real time. It allows consumers to “opt in” (that is, agree) to receive your special offers, deals, and promotions via a text message to their cell phone.

Text message marketing can be compared to the email marketing phenomenon of the late 90s, when the Internet had become mainstream and everyone was getting an email account.

Only text message marketing is more instantaneous and immediate.

More text messages are sent and received than mobile calls or emails combined

In case you haven’t noticed (or don’t have teenagers), texting is at an all-time high. Here are some interesting facts:

  • 94 percent of the US population has a cell phone
  • 31% of American adults prefer text messages over phone calls
  • The average read rate of a text message is 97 percent
  • Text messages are typically read within four minutes

And texting does not require a smart phone! That means any mobile phone user can receive your text marketing message.

What’s more, 75 percent of cell phone users say they want to get notified of special offers through SMS text messages. That’s why more than 20 percent of mobile consumers respond to and redeem a text coupon offer (compared to less than three percent for print coupons).

This provides small businesses with a unique opportunity to stay connected to their best customers. Here are some ways it will help you do just that:

  1. Generate repeat business
  2. Keep customers in the buying cycle
  3. Cross-sell, Up-sell, Direct sell
  4. Move excess inventory in a moment’s notice
  5. Offer specials, exclusive deals, and discounts
  6. Drive in traffic during slow periods

It’s the perfect recipe for customer retention.

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