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When you use a search engine, the local search results are designed to match consumers looking for information with the local businesses that are closest to them.

Since search engines provide tailored and personalized recommendations to potential customers, you need to make sure your local business can be found in a local search.

If you’ve put off doing this after hearing some inaccurate info about the benefits of a local business listing, you’re not the only one. That’s why we’re here to debunk the five common misconceptions about Local Search.

A Local Search Listing Is Simple to Write

You understand your business and the services you provide. It should be easy to write a quick listing, right?

Think again!

Because the returns of Local Search can be substantial, it is worthwhile to invest time and care into crafting your listing.

For example, if you list your business under the wrong category or fail to categorize it in the first place, you may not appear in relevant local searches.

Once you decide to utilize Local Search, take the time to focus on listing your business in the most comprehensive and beneficial way.

A Simple Description Is All My Listing Needs

You should put energy and enthusiasm into any online representation of your business. But don’t neglect the power of links when trying to optimize your search engine presence.

Be sure to embed links to local newspapers or area bloggers who have endorsed or reviewed your business. This leads to more sharing of your pages, as well as better outreach overall.


The Listing Just Needs To Be Well-Written

The text you post to describe your business is key, but no more so than the images paired with your listing. Be sure to include high-quality photos to invite users to stop in at your business.

All Search Engines Are the Same

If this were true, “Google it” wouldn’t be such a common phrase in the American lexicon. Of course some search engines are used more often than others. So be sure to plan accordingly as you create and submit listings. That local search engine listing might not need a second look, but you want to be meticulous about the Google or Bing listings you submit.

User Reviews Will Always Be Damaging

In the age of Yelp, it’s completely understandable to be wary of inviting customer reviews in such a public way.

And yet, user reviews can be a boon to your business!

The higher your business is user ranked on Google, for example, the higher up your listing will appear on search results.

That said, it’s not advisable to tamper with reviews left for your business in any way – including pressuring your employees to masquerade as pleased customers or posing as a customer yourself.

The best path is to have confidence in your business and employees, and to let positive reviews from your customers speak for themselves.


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