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Marketing any business can feel like a daunting task. Especially in an industry as hands-on as HVAC services. But marketing doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Here are five simple tips on how to easily advertise your HVAC business.

Write a Guide That Helps Beginners Answer Their HVAC Questions

When your customers start looking for an HVAC expert, most of them will do a little research before hiring someone. There are some guides available for HVAC customers who want answers, but most of the guides out there are written for HVAC technicians.

Creating a step-by-step diagnostic guide for your customers, or even a FAQ page to address regular customer questions, can go a long way towards establishing your company as a friendly expert.

Create a Great Infographic That Shows Why Your Services Are Important

We’ve already discussed why infographics are an amazing promotional tool. But have you considered making an HVAC infographic about your services? It will spread info about your company farther and faster, while making your business look cutting edge.

Whether it’s a complex infographic like this, or a simple one like this, using this amazing marketing format will inspire both customers and leads to think of you as an expert.

Find New Ways to Showcase Your Company’s Expertise on Blogs and Social Media

Your clients are searching websites, social media pages, and blogs to find the right company. So maybe it’s time to update your web presence and show them what your company can do.

Set up a regular posting schedule for a wide range of content that showcases your great work. You can create social media updates, videos, or blog posts that give advice directly to the customer.

You could also talk about your employees and their connections to the community. The more ways you find to show off your services, the more chances you’ll have to entice potential clients.


Analyze the Competition and See How You Can Do It Better

You may have the best company in town, but a good marketing campaign might make your competition look a little better. So be sure you know what your competition is doing right.

Is their referral program working for them? Is trying out new technologies – like 360 video – paying off for them? Take notes on the innovative ways your competition is getting the word out, then see if there’s something you can use or adapt for your own customers.

Time Your Major Marketing Campaigns to Hit in Early Fall and Spring

Your customers haven’t been dreaming of the chance to look for an HVAC technician. They just want to get their heater fixed. Or their AC unit to stop smelling weird.

So if they know that your company is an option before the next breakdown happens, they’ll be delighted. They don’t have to waste time looking for anyone – they know you’re available.

Most unexpected HVAC issues happen when you’re turning on the heat or air for the first time in months. So it’s best to run a postcard or flyer marketing campaign in the spring and fall. That way, when your customer needs to find someone quick, they’re more likely to remember you.

Finding qualified leads and prospects gets harder every year. That’s why we’ve created this free guide, specifically for professionals like you.


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