By |Published On: December 9, 2015|

Over the last 20-plus years, I have helped compile and broker different types of data.

While I do a lot with real estate data, I have helped our customers get the best list to target just the right prospects.

The typical list based on age of household head, income and gender is always in demand. But that only scratches the surface of who you can target. Heck, we even have lists of gamblers, wine drinkers and archery enthusiasts, to name a few.

Every once in a while we receive a list request that even we can’t compile or find. Just last week we had a request from an insurance company that wanted people living in flood zones.

No problem, I thought. FEMA will tell you if an address is located in a flood zone, so I figured that someone would have that list. I tried every connection I have developed and couldn’t find anyone in the industry who could point me in the right direction.

If anyone who reads this knows where I can find this list, please feel free to reach out.

I have been asked numerous times for a list of obese individuals. Considering the state of the American consumer and the reports I have read, you would figure that this list would be available.

Best I can find is a list of people with an interest in dieting and weight loss.

Dog owners, not a problem. I’ve got that. People with dogs plus the age of the dogs? That I can’t find.

Pet insurance and pet burial services are growing businesses. I am told that these enterprises can better target their prospects if they know the pets’ ages. I wish I could help them, but so far I can’t find a list with this data.

I have also been asked for lists of lottery winners. I can pinpoint people who like to play the lottery, but the list of winners has proven to be a bit more elusive.

People needing chiropractic services? No luck. I can profile people who might have back problems, but finding those who positively have back issues is another story.

Have a list that you need for your next marketing campaign? Let us know. We like the challenge.

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