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Why agonize over how you’re going to attract new leads when you can build a system that brings them right to you?

Creating a lead generation machine—a system that collects contact info of potential clients—can save you time and energy. And it’s easy to do! Here are three steps to get you started with building a lead generation machine.

Create Content People Will Relate and Interact With

Whether you’re a real estate agent, small business owner, or freelance artistpotential customers will ask the same two questions: “Can you show me how you’ve help others?” and “What can you do for me?”

Thankfully, the content you create answers both of these questions. And that’s true whether you choose to write blogs, create infographics, post pictures, upload videos, or do something truly unique.

Your content shows off your expertise, lets you brag about your goods or services, and gives your audience valuable information—all things that will help you build your reputation as an expert.

As you create content, you’ll need to know what your leads are asking themselves. So think about the questions you’d ask in their place. What problems are they trying to solve? What answers have they been trying to find for years? And how can you help?

Make content that answers these questions, and your leads will be eager to see what you say next.

Create a Social Media Platform That Shows What You’re Doing Now

Your content may be perfect, but it’s nothing without the right space to showcase it. That’s where social media comes into play.

Social media doesn’t just help you easily connect with people who want to learn more about you. It also shows your followers what content you’re creating today, and why people should be interested in what you’re doing next.

Be sure your social media accounts are full of reasons for your leads to interact with you. Post the content you create on a set schedule, so your followers will know when they should come back. Mention, then outright brag about, your upcoming events, deals, and services.

But make sure your content isn’t the only thing you post. Link to great articles you’ve found during your research into your industry or interest. Share any information that will make you look like a valuable resource for your topic.

The more information you post, the more reasons you’ll give people who are interested in what you can do for them to come back. You are on your way to a lead generation machine.


Create a Website That Showcases What You Offer

So you’ve pulled people in with amazing content, and gotten them hooked through social media. Now how do you turn them into a lead? Send them to your website.

Your website’s landing page or pop-up call-to-action will offer people the chance to submit their name and email in exchange for free information. Even if they decide not to take the offer, they’re more likely to check out your site once they’re there. Which gives you another chance to highlight how your services can help.

Show samples of previous projects, testimonials from happy customers, and any awards that will prove you’re a great choice. If you can afford it, add a professionally shot and edited introductory video of yourself to your page. Then start testing and improving your SEO.

As you update your site, improve your SEO, and promote yourself on social media, you’ll get more visitors. Which means the number of people using your landing pages to make appointments, and offer their contact info goes up as well.

With so many companies relying on social media to get the message out, you might feel like skipping this step. But you need to make sure your customers have a website to go to.

The rest of your plan—creating great content, promoting it on social media—is all designed to get your curious audience to a single place that will collect their info. If you don’t have a web presence connected to the rest of your lead generation machine, then you’ve literally unplugged it.

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