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We’ve already covered why you should interview lost customers. But did you know that interviewing happy customers is equally important? Polling your current customer base tells you what you’re doing right, helps you make improvements, and makes your customers feel appreciated.

You can collect feedback using online surveys, phone calls, one-on-one interviews, and focus groups. But how can you use your customer feedback effectively? Here are a few tips:

Gathering Testimonials and Stories

If you have a happy customer, brag about it. With the customer’s permission, create a case study that explores what your company did for them. Then put their story on your website and social media channels. You’ll get some great publicity, and your customer can get some free advertising.

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When you interview a customer, be sure to ask open-ended questions. This will encourage them to give more details and go more in-depth with their story. Let the customer be the one to tell you what is attractive about your company, and what keeps them coming back.

Be sure to ask these questions:

  • Tell me about the last time you used our product.
  • Why did you choose to work with our company?

Improve Products or Services

As good as it feels to hear positive feedback, understanding what you need to improve is better for your business. Don’t be afraid to admit that your company isn’t perfect. If a customer felt frustrated with your product but stayed loyal to your brand, find out why.

Be sure to ask these questions:

  • What frustrates you about our product?
  • Have you contacted our customer service department lately?
  • Was the issue resolved quickly?

Plan for the Future

Involve customers in steering your company forward by asking them what services or products they’d like to see from you. Ask customers what services or products they’d like to see from you. By speaking directly to the consumer, you can identify new market needs and stay ahead of product trends.

Be sure to ask these questions:

  • What would you like to see from us in the future?
  • Are there opportunities that we can help your business grow?

These are a few reasons why customer interviews are so important. It presents reminders of the work you’re doing well, helps you make improvements based on customer suggestions, and makes customers feel appreciated and heard. It can strengthen your business relationship and possible grow your business!


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