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Looking for new ways to find qualified leads? Here are four ideas you can put in practice immediately.

Become a Thought Leader

Do you know how to profile the best type of client? Can you explain how you convince reluctant prospects to purchase a policy? By writing about it, others learn from your experience and will be inclined to share it.

Be Active on Social Media

I typed in “Insurance Agents” on LinkedIn and found 166 different groups. The first, Insurance Agent Development Group, has over 2,500 discussions from 10,000+ members.

Participating in LinkedIn groups lets you share your knowledge and gain new perspectives on how to find new leads.

Take Advantage of Direct Mail

Direct mail is your chance to put something tangible in your prospects’ hands.

Rather than making it salesy, try mailing your prospects something informative –like, an article on how insurance premiums are expected to rise.

By doing so, you’re demonstrating your expertise in the insurance field.

Your prospect may not be ready to buy when your letter reaches the mailbox. By sending, free information, you establish your credibility which can lead to a sale down the road.

Insurance Agents Get out of the Office

We all would love to break free from our cubicle once in a while, right? Join a local chamber of commerce, where local businesses meet and network. It’s a great way to exchange business cards, connect with those same people on social media, and find new prospects you otherwise would never meet.

Most local chambers cost $30-$40 a month – a small price to pay to meet senior-level prospects.

Finding fresh insurance leads is tough. Set yourself apart by proving that you are the expert in your field by providing free information through the normal channels such as social media and direct mail. Then target higher-level prospects in person through chamber of commerce events.

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