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Although homeowners aren’t required by law to purchase insurance for their homes, the majority of them have good reason to search for competitive home insurance options. Lenders, for example, usually demand that borrowers carry insurance that covers the price of their mortgage, making insurance mandatory (if not legally obligatory) for most home buyers. Others simply want financial protection against the potential loss of their home and belongings should disaster strike or an accident occur on their property. Whatever the rationale, nearly all homeowners need and want home insurance, with estimates as high as 95% of U.S. homeowners carrying at least some type of home insurance coverage. So, if you’re in the insurance business, how do you connect with the millions of people wanting your services? Where do you find homeowners insurance leads? Here are a few tips:

Develop Good Marketing Strategies

First and foremost, good agents find homeowners insurance leads through well-developed marketing strategies. Establishing a recognizable brand and finding ways to promote that brand necessarily mean that you will forge meaningful relationships with the very people you hope to serve. Take a look at your marketing practices and use resources to:

  • Create a Functional Website

The first order of business is to create a professional-looking and functional website that is user-friendly with relevant, proprietary content. Providing consumers with an easy way to locate and read about your services allows them to reach out to you more readily and, thus, supplies you with instant homeowners insurance leads.

  • Harness Social Media

You should also work to build a social media presence that draws people’s attention to you. Posting interesting content not only increases your visibility, it can spur interactions with consumers that turn into future homeowners insurance leads.

  • Use SEO

Learn how to manipulate search engines so that your digital content organically spreads across the internet and into people’s homes. This type of “invisible” marketing helps to legitimize your brand, making it more likely that the messages you are marketing actually generate homeowners insurance leads.

  • Get Personal

Of course, not all of your marketing should be focused on digital platforms. Think about ways to get our into the community so that your brand has a human face and offers the opportunity for personal connection. Talk to people. Attend conferences. Partner with realtors, mortgage lenders, banks and other professionals who have an interest in and knowledge of the homebuying process. Face-to-face dialogue helps you nurture the type of relationship needed to move strangers from homeowners insurance leads to real-life customers! 

  • Advertise

Finally, you can always use old-school advertising to help your business bring in homeowners insurance leads. Mail potential customers. Utilize pay-per-click advertising online. Make use of television, radio and print resources to publicize your services and build an audience. Hopefully, it will supply you with the links you need to build a profitable business down the line.

Partner with a Service Providing Homeowners Insurance Leads

To maximize your own marketing strategies, consider partnering with a professional lead generation provider. An experienced partner can save insurance agents valuable time and energy by helping them pinpoint only those homeowners insurance leads that best match specific criteria and, thus, are more likely to contribute to a profitable sales cycle. Our team here at Haines, for instance, has created a proprietary prospecting software tool that — when coupled with our unique knowledge of consumer motivations and their insurance needs — allows our clients to identify homeowners insurance leads that have greater potential of becoming active customers.

Want to Learn More?

More leads equal more deals only when those leads are the right leads. One of the best ways to ensure your marketing efforts are effective is to use a professional prospecting tool like one of the ones offered at Haines. Our Property Connect and Haines Criss+Cross databases, for instance, allow you to quickly access hundreds of searchable data points. With this information, you are able to uncover leads that correspond to precise criteria within minutes, connecting you not just with potential leads, but with ones more likely to result in a perfect real estate deal since they have been selected based on your own particular business objectives, such as size, costs, and expected returns. Resources like these work to give you the best possible options in terms of your real estate investments.

Learn to Negotiate

Finally, to find a real estate deal you have to be willing to negotiate. Rarely are deals made without human emotions and/or interactions involved. Brush up on (or learn) basic negotiation skills so that you are able to work with sellers to hash out the details of the perfect real estate deal. Be trustworthy and honest; find ways to offer value during a sale (such as bringing cash to the table or offering a quick closing), and always be willing to listen. Sometimes getting the perfect deal is simply a matter of giving the perfect solution.

Want to Find More?

There are a lot of people needing homeowners insurance. And there are a lot of home insurance providers. To maximize your chances of finding homeowners insurance leads that actually develop into paying customers, you need a good marketing strategy and some good help. Learn more about using a professional prospecting partner to help you identify and connect with the right homeowners insurance leads by contacting Haines today.

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