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Postcards can be beneficial to your marketing strategy. They tell your customers about upcoming deals, announce future promotions, and create brand awareness. Postcard marketing is one of the best strategies for increasing profitability and encouraging return customers.

But success is not guaranteed. If you want a fruitful campaign, you have to have a successful strategy. Use these four tips to create a successful postcard campaign.

Present an Eye-Catching Design to Your Customers

You want your graphics to be attention-grabbing, but also reinforce the message of your campaign. Use color schemes that are appealing and use good taste. A well-designed postcard may find its way on the refrigerator for longer brand exposure.

Keep the Postcards Timely

You wouldn’t send a Christmas notice in April, but even a small misstep can alienate your customers. Hone in on the mood of your customer base. What are they thinking and feeling? Can you do anything to capitalize on their mood? Can you provide a product or service that will ease tensions?

Keep It Short

Postcards can only have so much text. So your offer must be clear, distinct, and simple. Use bulleted lists and bold print to make a big impact in a small space. Avoid the fine print, unless you must legally include it. If there’s more to discuss, point your customer to your website, Facebook page, or physical location.

Offer Deals, Specials, and Savings to the Right People

Your postcard may be eye-catching, but it’s the offer that makes the sale. Create special offers that are only available by using or presenting the postcard. Then figure out which demographic the offer appeals to, and target them with your next mailing.

It just takes a little bit of systematic design for your postcards to be effective. Make sure every part of your postcard has a purpose, and your next campaign will be successful. Check out our post: Four Ways to Get Your Postcard Immediately Read for more great postcard marketing tips.


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