By |Published On: December 2, 2015|

Finance, banking, and wealth management firms are like any other companies. They need to continuously find new customers. The finance industry has a disadvantage because its target customers are among the oldest of any market.

Although people are living longer than ever before, there still needs to be a consistent flow of new prospects that can offset lost customers. Here are four ways Haines Criss+Cross Plus Real Estate (online version) can help financial institutions generate new leads:

  • Target Prospects Based on Home Value – Say you want to reach prospects with at least $1 million in total assets. Target people who have a home value of more than $300,000. This is a good indicator that they are near or above the $1M threshold.
  • Target Prospects Based on When Their Home Was Purchased – If a home was purchased before 1985, chances are it is completely paid off. These homeowners likely have expendable income that could be used for investing.
  • Target Prospects Based on Current Mortgage – Haines Criss+Criss Plus Real Estate (the online version is known as V4i) allows you to view a home’s current mortgage. If the home value is $300,000 yet there is no current mortgage, this likely means the home is paid off. If the home value is $300,000 yet the current mortgage is $250,000, this is a good indicator that the owner has little equity in the home. These prospects would more than likely fall short of the $1M total asset threshold.
  • Target Owner-Occupied Single-Family Dwellings – Financial companies can use this filter to exclude prospects who don’t fit their target market, such as hotels, motels, inns, and large-scale rental properties, including boarding houses, apartments, and

When you combine these four filters, you can find the targeted prospects all financial companies seek. Another great way to find new leads is to capitalize on the neighbors of your current client base. Since neighbors of current customers likely have similar home values, you can easily perform marketing to homeowners in targeted zip codes, subdivisions or even on adjacent streets.

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