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When you’re a mortgage broker, finding your next buyer can be tricky. Countless guides promise to have a formula that will help you find more mortgage buying prospects and land more mortgage sales. But if you want a smarter way to find your next sale, here are three classic techniques you need to use.

Buy a Leads List

As we’ve mentioned in other articles, buying leads is an art form in and of itself. In order to build your best possible list of mortgage buying customers, you need to know what you’re looking for.

What demographics do you want to hit? Do you want to try leads that have already been contacted by other companies? How much money do you want to spend? Once you have a solid idea of what type of leads you’ll need, you’ll need to find the right lead generating company to help you find them.

Going through all these extra steps pays off in the long run. A tailored leads list has the highest ROI of any other type of referral. Plus, a tailored leads list is a great way to give your business a fresh start after a slump or a massive change.

Utilize Social Media Tools

Whether you’re looking for a specific group of potential customers, or just trying to find people looking for housing, social media can help. It’s a great tool that can give you countless options for finding and reaching out to potential mortgage buyers.

First, you should develop a profile that attracts potential customers. A good profile lets you brag about your business, services and expertise. You can post photos of houses that have closed thanks to you, and happy customers living in their dream homes.

You can even add videos that give home owners tips they need to know, or good advice in looking for the best rates.

Next, you can use social media to seek out potential customers. You can create a Facebook group to attract people interested in local real estate, realtor listings, and even garage sales. Using hashtags like #ColumbusOpenHouse or DMing past clients for referrals can also help you reach out to potential leads.

You can even use your posts and updates to direct people to a sales funnel or your professional website. This will help them get more information, while collecting info that will help you reach out to them.

Never Stop Promoting Yourself as an Expert

Taking every opportunity to promote yourself and your business goes by many names. You can call it pounding the pavement, networking, or building a brand. But it’s one of the oldest, and most effective, tricks in the book.

The best way to get started is to tell everyone what you do for a living. You shouldn’t push them, try to launch into a hard sell, or force your qualifications down their throat. But you should make sure everyone you talk to — from your hairdresser to your grocery clerk – knows what you do. 

Then never miss an opportunity to politely offer advice and give evidence of your expertise. (Local events and networking functions are a great place to do this.)

People are more likely to interact with mortgage professionals they know. By making yourself known, you can make an impression with a wider range of prospects.

This can give you the edge in a market where every company on the block can provide your customers with the same great services. It can also help you cultivate strong connections with professionals that can help you directly — like appraisers, attorneys and accountants.

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