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In my previous article, I showed you an example of a good and bad cold-calling script. Here are the ingredients to create a great one of your own.

There are many possible variations of a good cold-calling script, but here’s one formula that works.

(If you’re selling B2C, feel free to replace “companies” with an appropriate term like “individuals” or “homeowners.”)

  1. This is [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR COMPANY NAME]
  2. We help companies [BENEFIT]
    • Or: “We work with people/companies to …” or “… who want to…”
    • Or: “We specialize in helping companies …”
  3. Rephrase the above with an additional BENEFIT or examples of similar companies you’ve helped
  4. Call to action


Here’s how a cold-calling script targeting hospitals would look, using that formula:

  1. This is Tom from 123 Marketing.
  2. We help hospitals attract patients who are facing more out-of-pocket expenses and are searching for a hospital or clinic to get the most out of their health care dollars.
  3. We would like to introduce ourselves and show you how our marketing services can let the public know what distinguishes you and encourage consumers to consider your hospital for treatment.
  4. Would you have any time in the next week or so?

I didn’t just make this up. This is what hospitals themselves have said about why they need to advertise, gleaned from various hospital marketing blogs and websites.

Remember, the key to successful selling is knowing your prospects and speaking their language.

Happy prospecting!

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